Become a himiway test ride spot

Himiway Test Ride Spot Program The Himiway Rider Test Ride Spot program aims to build a platform for you and others to share your opinions and experiences as a bike owner. In addition, they offer a chance for those who are interested in learning more about Himiway e-bikes to do a test ride before buying.

How does the program work?

Firstly,  you need to fill out the form with some data, such as name, telephone, e-mail, purchased e-bikes, address, etc.

After your registration, we will display this information on our website

Interested customers who want to take a test ride can contact you by e-mail or telephone to make an appointment.

What Do You Get From Himiway?

After participating in our Himiway test ride spot program, you will receive 5000 Himi points as a reward.

If someone buys a Himiway e-bike within 30 days after the test ride, you will get a 5%-7.5% commission( 5% per sale if the sale amount is less than 2k, 7.5% per sale if the sale amount is more than 2k) reward from us.  As a prerequisite, you must register with our affiliate program: See below

How do you join our affiliate program?

To ensure your commission, you must first join our affiliate program. Click on this link and register.

We will process your request as soon as possible, then you will receive your own affiliate link.

If someone comes to you for a test ride, you can send them your affiliate link.

If someone clicks on your link and buys a bike, you'll get your above commission.

If you're interested, click the Sign Up button above and fill out the form to get involved.