Deal with Error Codes

1. error code 22: Throttle Fault

Reconnect the wire of the throttle. Find the throttle wire with the orange connector inside, disconnect it and then reconnect it to restart the throttle.

If it still doesn’t work, you need to replace the throttle. Then please send relevant videos and provide the bike frame number to after-sales, we will help you.

2. error code 24: Motor Hall Defect

Reconnect the motor wire. Find the motor wire near the hub motor, disconnect it, and then reconnect it to restart the motor.

If the error code is still on the display, please send an email to after-sales with providing a relevant video, the motor serial, bike serial number, and the motor connector, we will help you replace the motor.

3. error code 25: Brake Failed or Brake Applied While Turning On

  1. Unplug the brake levers one by one to confirm whether it is caused by the left or right brake lever. Please check the instruction video.
  2. Try to adjust the screws to see if it can be solved. Please check the instruction video.
  3. If there is still an error code 25, you need to provide the relevant video, bike serial number and contact the after-sales service to replace the brake lever.

4. error code 30: Abnormal Communication

Please do the test according to the video.

You need to unplug all the plugs including 7 (2 brake levers, throttle, front light, tail light, sensor, motor wire). At this time, the meter should display error code 24 normally.

  1. After all unplugging, if code 30 still appears on the display, there is a high probability that it is a controller problem.
  2. After all unplugging, if the display shows code 24, then connect the motor cable first. If 30 appears then, it is a motor problem.
  3. If there is no error code after connecting the motor, connect other connections in sequence until the error code 30 appears. It means that code 30 is caused by this connection, and this part needs to replace.

Then provide the relevant video and bike serial number to contact the after-sales service.