Himiway Long-Range E-bike Tech 

As many readers and customers may know, Himiway has long been known for our expertise in the fat tire e-bike community. We have become a leader in the electric bike industry by providing a unique e-bike platform coupled with a durable fat tire design. This approach remains one of the pillars of Himiway’s product lineup and we intend to continue providing strong, stylish, fat tire e-bikes for our fans. 

However, as customer needs evolve and change over time, we also want to make sure we are evolving and changing to meet those needs. We spend countless hours, perform thousands of tests, and scrutinize vast amounts of data to innovate on our state-of-the-art bikes. With that innovation effort comes improved e-bike technologies, higher quality designs, and most importantly, a stronger level of expertise in the core features of e-bikes.This research and expertise combined with shifting consumer demands has given rise to our latest core competency: Long-Range E-bikes.

Himiway tech

For years, we have provided some of the longest-range e-bikes on the market. But becoming a long-range e-bike expert doesn’t happen overnight. Our designers, engineers, quality assurance testers, and operations teams have been working tirelessly to ensure our e-bike components work together seamlessly to provide the longest range, best power, and highest comfort e-bike available today. We have put ourselves in the position of our customers to understand precisely which goals we need to meet on their behalf. This has led us to focus on new factors and improving old ones to give our bikes even more range. 

Himiway Escape and Himiway Cruiser

Himiway’s Long-range E-bike Expertise

So just how does Himiway’s team of experts build a long-range e-bike while still staying true to our original goal of providing affordable, stylish, and high-quality electric fat-tire bikes? The answer lies in the different areas of technical expertise we have developed over time. Let’s look at each e-bike technology area separately:

High Tech Battery

The e-bike battery is perhaps the most essential component of our e-bike technology. A long-range e-bike requires a battery that can provide enough juice to tackle different road conditions, variable speeds, and challenging riding conditions such as high or low temperatures or wind and rain. To cover this wide range of scenarios and deliver the range required by our riders, we use a high-quality 48V 17.5A Samsung Lithium-ion Battery.

This specific Samsung battery is designed with a large capacity to hold enough energy to power the e-bike across long distances. Classified as a ternary lithium battery, it provides the perfect balance between capacity, safety, and performance. We measure and test the capacity of this particular battery at 840-Watt Hours (a unit of measurement for power over a period of time). The true key to getting a long-range out of an e-bike is the battery. We are so confident in our batteries that we stand behind our battery tech with a 2-year warranty on all batteries.Finally, we have been hard at work on a new design to protect these high-capacity batteries from rain and snow. Stay tuned for more exciting battery news in the near future!

Himiway Samsung LG battery

Intelligent Pedal-Assist

Through the use of our intelligent pedal-assist system, riders can choose the precise level of assistance they need for a given terrain, while the bike automatically adjusts power accordingly. This allows the bike to travel long ranges on a single charge because the rider can provide as much or as little effort as desired while the bike provides the rest.

Shimano Gear System

By utilizing our high-end Shimano Gear Shift System properly, riders can save as much as 15% power of the battery (increasing the range by 15%) and up to 25% improvement in comfort and ease of use. Anticipating and watching for changing road conditions and switching the gear to the correct level for the terrain enables riders to get improvement in power and rideability. 

Shimano 7 gear system

Robust Fat Tires

Our 26-inch diameter, 4-inch-wide fat tires provide traction and stability over the toughest terrains. While other e-bikes with narrower tires require more power from the battery and motor to get through sand, dirt, or snow, the Kenda fat tires on Himiway bikes allow the rider to cut through difficult terrain with ease. This not only provides a longer range for the e-bike, but it also improves the comfort of the rider as the wide tires absorb more trail or road impacts. Our riders love the big tires our bikes come with, and we are listening to that feedback to provide even bigger, better tires in the future. 

26 x 4 Kenda fat tire electric bike

Powerful Motor

Using a 750 Watt / 80Nm Torque brushless gear hub motor allows Himiway e-bikes to conquer the toughest terrains and reach high speeds quickly. The powerful motor barely sips energy from the high-capacity battery, which allows for the maximum range of the e-bike. Our engineers have recently been analyzing the positioning of the motors in our e-bikes to ensure they provide as much power as possible. 

Great motor

Dual Suspension

While not contributing directly to the e-bike’s range. Because the bike can travel over such long distances, we have chosen to include a dual-suspension instead of a single suspension fork to give our riders the best experience on long rides. Good shock absorption rates are a very important feature of our bikes, and we don’t compromise until we are sure we have used the most comfortable parts on the market.

Dual suspension

Latest Research and Development

The rigorous process behind manufacturing longer-range electric bikes is intense. Everyone here at Himiway is involved in improving our tech to achieve longer ranges from our designers all the way to our finished product testers. To give you an idea of what goes into our R&D process, here is our method at a high level:

  • Step 1: Design and source the highest quality components from throughout Asia – the e-bike tech hub of the world. 
  • Step 2: Test each component thousands of times to gather real-world data on every aspect before launch.
  • Step 3: Continue searching for the latest technology in batteries, motors, and tires for any part that doesn’t pass our quality control testing. 
  • Step 4: Understand the perspective of the customer by doing numerous qualitative and quantitative studies to find pain points and dissatisfaction on everything from the battery and range of the bike to the comfort of the seat and handlebars.
  • Step 5: Repeat this process to continuously improve our e-bikes. 

These five continuous steps have led to the highest level of quality that we can offer at such a competitive price. In the race for the greenest mobility technology, we pride ourselves on pushing the envelope further every day with this process. By developing such sustainable long-range technology, we have been able to save the equivalent of over 200,000 trees. And it’s why after hundreds of thousands of miles ridden on our e-bikes, we maintain a 95% rider satisfaction rating with over 1,600 featured reviews across the web. 

Thanks to all the dedication of our research and development teams, we’ve made a lot of progress and we still have a lot of exciting plans coming up.

Upcoming Plans

New E-bike launch

We are very excited to preview a few upcoming announcements for you:

Coming in 2022, we will be launching several new long-range e-bikes. This product launch will be our most advanced set of e-bikes yet.

  1. First, we have the Softail Supreme, our most innovative e-bike that aims to revolutionize the e-bike industry.
  2. Second, our Multifunctional E-bike is for those riders that demand maximum flexibility.
  3. Our third new Premium All-terrain E-bike will be sure to delight those that want a blend of mountain bike and urban cruiser ideal for off-road adventures.
E-bike launch

Each of these new bikes will utilize our most advanced battery technology ever. The longest e-bike range just got even better!

Finally, we are working harder than ever to improve our customer service and customization options. We understand an e-bike is a very personal purchase and our expert sales team will be available to help you both before and after the sale of any e-bike. This is just one more way to say thank you to our customers for making us the number one e-bike brand in the world. 

For those located in Europe, please visit Himiwaybike.de to stay up to date on these exciting new plans!Riders located in America and Canada may continue to check Himiwaybike.com for announcements with more detail in the coming weeks and months. 

As we gear up for these new changes and continue to improve upon our existing lineup, we will be sure to let you know where, when, and how to get your hands on our long-range e-bikes.