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Great :)

I really like the bike, very snappy and get the job done to point A to B quickly, I wish the seat to be more comfortable, and more accessories for the bike to get that will great ! No complaints so far.
Thank you.

Looks great, love it

Still haven’t received our mirrors!

We still haven’t received our mirrors! Not sure what’s going on!

Review Mirrors

Could only mount the one left side mirror! The brake handle and gear shifter take up a large part of the handle on the right side, so there is no place to put the mirror on the right!

450km Ride Review

I recieved my bike mid November in Ottawa. Within a week, we got our first snow storm.
It has gotten me to work after this last storm with 25cm+ of snow ended... bit hairy jumping plow ruts and riding in traffic lanes, but I made it in record time.
My ride in worst road conditions of 2022, was equal to the wait times outside, I would have to do to bus to work, and got there with my gear, and saved 25 or more minutes (no idea how backed up busses were).

After 450km on this Cruiser, with tools and gear for work 19km each way, I can say, other than adjusting brake calipers, and a few minor glitches (mostly user error), bike still rides and looks like it's new!

I recommend heavily saturating shifter cable and derailleur with winter grade grease before riding in slush on sub zero days... like any winter ridden bike.

I've enjoyed every minute of winter rides to work, and getting about for Christmas shopping and groceries.

Très bonne qualité . J en ai deux ,le Cruiser et le Zébra . , je suis satisfait .

SO awesome!

We have two of Himiway's Big Dog ebikes, and they are awesome! The bikes themselves couldn't be more perfect for us. They'll haul like a mule and are a hoot to ride. The customer service has been top notch from the sale to shipping and beyond. We couldn't be happier :)

Fishing Trip in November!

Did a ride out to the river it was such a nice day. Fishing trip!
36km round trip with some exploring. Battery smiling at 3/5 bars.
Haven't been here in years!

Best Bike I Ever Bought!!

This bike is a beast! It takes hills like they weren't there. Reduced my commute by bike to the office by 15 minutes.
With the fat tires, it rides like a Harly over bumps and small potholes and roots.
With a prosthetic implant in my arm , I can ride again, it is so smooth!
With the zero pedal assist option, it's great with pedals and throttle alone, to negotiate traffic in downtown.
Very stable at speed.
Full speed on snow covered field? Yup!
How bout continuous 30kph? Does that too!
6'2" 235lbs, and it still hauls!

Cruiser step thru

Very happy with my Cruiser step thru. It is very easy to ride and comfortable to sit on. The range is great, 25 km with almost no pedaling and the battery still shows full charge. Lots of power for going up hills.

Softail Electric Mountain Bike
Francois Vaillancourt

Love everything about this bike

Happy customer

I received my order in timely fashion and I love my new cruiser

I Love My HIMIWAY Cruiser

I enjoy riding that bike. It’s pretty sturdy. Overall I’m very satisfied with that purchase. The only issue is that I didn’t receive the front fender in the box. Other than that everything is great. The cruiser is awesome.

Amazing Bike! Would recommend.

130 miles in and loving this bike. It was great in the fall. Very comfortable. I put some studded tires on it and now I’m cruising through ice and snow in -15°C. So much fun!

Best Purchase Ever

Can't say enough about the Himingway zebra. I feel like a kid again when I'm out there flying down the roads, going down paths shooting through tunnels brought Joy back to my life. The zebra moves me around real good. I'm a heavier set gentleman at 300 plus and I can tell you that it is more fun than a roller coaster. Who says that childhood is wasted on the young? All you have to do get yourself an e-bike.

Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike

Incredible service, life changing

An amazing bike. I’m a heavy guy, a hip replaced and this bike fits my needs perfectly. Easy to assemble, and ready to go within an hour. Took the bike out for a quick spin and felt like years had been lifted. I am looking forward to biking again without the worry of not having enough energy to get home. From order to receding the bike was under a week and intact the bike arrived prior to be notified it was in transit. All in all a great online experience and the reality is I now have a top of the line bike for I am sure years to come. Thanks Himiway, life changing.

Escape ebike

I really like my bike it's a very good ride

Awesome ride, The cruiser is the real deal!

I am very satisfied with this purchase. Himiway has covered all the details of a great FAT cruiser. The torque is impressive, acceleration is quick and addictive. The range is ok for me. it depends a lot on how you beat your ride. You dont want to go out of power on a long ride. the 2Amps charger takes a good 8+ hours to recharge the 17.5 AH battery pack I am quite heavy 225+ lbs and I can ride 45km with almost no pedaling. The pedal assistance is well implemented and let you cruise without holding the wrist twist trottle. All the components are top notch entry level but great quality and well chosen. Included rack, tools great freebies. The front light is powerfull and the integrated rear light is well designed and flashing when braking another great attention to details by himiway.I rate it 9.5 on 10.


I buy from a guy who buy 2 same bike brand new in the box last year but this summer the light front and rear on mine stay on any time , i need to pull out the wire to close the lights and i think the trouble coming from the PC board , can you help me to repair my bike it's the only trouble i have with him and i like this bike but it's not esay to plug and displug the wire each time i use it , the guy who i buy the bike don't keep the bill with him , thank you

Nice solid, good looking basket

Love the basket; it came quick, easy to install, it is solid and has nice matching wood like the rear rack. Also nice is that underneath it has a bolt to mount the headlight and even a little piece to put a zip tie for the headlight cord. No regrets :)

Awesome bike!

This thing is a game changer. I can even ride down the beach on loose gravel and sand no problem. Amazing bike for the price.

Love it!

After checking out different e bikes I went with the cruiser, put my web order in and poof, 13 days latter it arrived. The box it came in was unmanaged and the bike well packed. Easy to put together (most of it already together)….In pictures, I thought the bike looked pretty plain but seeing it in person, it is an impressive looking unit and love the dark colour and nice touch of a bit of wood on the rear rack (have since ordered the neat front rack). With the big tires it makes my regular mountain bike look small. Riding the bike , what can I say, it is smooth as silk and after a short time I figured out the pedal assist, using gears and the throttle. Nice to have the headlight and tail light (which is also a brake light) and I have made use of the phone charging USB port . I like the feel of the throttle - oh, nice hand grips too and the cables are all neatly together. I haven’t ran the battery to empty and have charged it after rides. It takes hills like I wouldn’t have believed. I just did a 21 mile highway run, maintaining a 20mph speed. The trip was all mainly uphill and the battery went down to 2 bars. I found there are lots of tips and information on the internet re this bike too. I have bought a good lock and my only concern with this bike is that someone will steal it. I am retired and feel like a kid again. Love it!l

Himiway Cruiser Step-thru Ebike.

Received the ebike 6 days ago and have put in 168 km as of today and I do enjoy riding this bike, except the fat tires are pretty noisy. Noticed the maximum setting only goes to 40 km instead of 45km or 99 max setting. No sure why this configuration has changed on my Cruiser. Hopefully the bike seat will be charged to a more comfortable seat in the near future, instead of customers replacing it and have wasted the original seat.

Great bike

Great bike. I’m 6’-3” and 270 lbs and this bike hauls me around with no issues.