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Highly recommended !

At first I thought, wow this is kind of pricey. Upon receiving the bag I was very surprised on the quality and flexibility. The top expands, the side zippers open to contain panier side pouches. It really has a ton of space and would allow enough space for a decent grocery run. Easily attaches and has amazing reflective strips. A great purchase and highly recommended for those that require some cargo.

Fun and amazing

Using the bike for last 7days.
It is so much fun to explore trails with this bike. Going to college and workplace in this bike. I am reaching earlier than the buses reach. Really liked the bike and the customer service they are offering.

Just recieved yesterday

I am happy with my purchase so far. It was easy to complete the assembly. The reviews I read online were correct regarding the percentage of pedal assists at different levels, so you have to change the factory setting since level 1 has a lot of assists and gets up to speed quickly. I originally did not think this would bother me, but for rougher trails it was an issue. The manual has the procedure for changing the settings, and it is easy to do. The other thing to note is that the bike did not stop well until after a few harsh uses of the brakes. I'm not sure if this is due to a package coating on the pads, but they work well now.

Loving it!

In under a week, I have already put in 100kms on my bike, I love it! Few quirks here and there, like no metric option for the display, no removable option for the screen. Would definitely recommend to others.

Step through cruiser

Excellent bike,900 klms no problems

Can’t go wrong

These bikes are awesome, you can’t beat the price for what you are getting, lots of power, smooth ride, very happy with this bike and costumer service is a quick response away 👍🏼

Very happy with this tail bag.

A great fit. Quality product with lots of added features. Worth the cost. Well done!!

Hi I way escape rear rack

The rack itself is well constructed but they did not take into account the small welds on my bike that hold the wire for the rear brake. As such I have not been able to install it yet. I think I will take a ball been hammer to the rack and make small indentations to allow me to install the bike. Great idea but poorly executed.

360° Rotatable One-Touch Automatically Lock & Quick Release Phone Holder for 4.5''-7.2'' Cellphone

Disappointing shipping

I am writing for those considering buying this e-bike to enjoy the good season or as a gift. I found myself in both situations. Attracted by the promise of fast, two-day delivery advertised on the site, I made my purchase on June 19. To cut to the chase, today is July 16, and I spent $2,100 on a gift I still haven’t received weeks after the birthday celebration.

Beyond the emotional and financial stress of finding a replacement and the overall issue, I contacted customer support after the first week. Demi, with patience and a generous $50 offer, assured me that everything would be resolved within seven days. Ten days later, I spoke with Jea about the non-receipt of my order, expressing my frustration and considering cancellation and About missing the best time to ride a bike. Jea also offered $50, which, given the circumstances, made me feel insulted and found the offer inadequate.

I rejected both offers because I believe you will understand that these offers are insufficient compared to the financial and emotional damage, and I only requested that they fulfill their promises. I am writing this comment today to help potential buyers and Himiway managers. I have not canceled my order because I believe in their choice and quality, but this feedback could have been much more positive.

Bike stem adjustment

Easy to install

Great bike

We bought 2 of these bikes, both cruisers. They are fantastic so far. My wife was unsure because of the size and weight of the bike. But after one ride, she loves it. I feel they are well built and well priced. I decided on them because my friend has had them for almost 3 years now and still likes them.

not what I expected

I finally had time to open the box and install the rear carrier on my wife's rambler, today. With it, I ordered the Himiway tail light.
Honestly, I was disappointed with both of the products.
The carrier is just a frame! No wood on top, just bare frame. The only way it's usable is if you purchase more parts to complete it. I really just wanted the tail light, but to have something to hold the tail light, I needed to order the frame.
The tail light, so I thought, would be ready to install and it would work.
There were no nuts included to go with the bolts on the back of the light. The plug in wire is about 6" long. There is nothing to connect this tail light wire to the battery. So, I am quite disappointed!

Good bike just a I expected 😃

Très beau

Pour le prix je suis très satisfait . Merci pour le service .

Bike Maintenance

I have been using the Rambler Bike for the past 3 months, The bike performed well in the first 1 month. I purchased the bike online, but only after many issues started. I realized no actual maintenance facility is available in Canada if purchased online. Now I have been facing issues & forced to reach out to the local workshops for any maintenance.

Cruiser fat bike

I love my new bike.Very impressive performance

So far so good

I had no problem with the assembly, but had to remove the front caliper to untangle the cable, otherwise went well and all together in about 1 1/2 hours. I drove it without the battery as it was getting topped up on the charger. I would describe the bike on the road test as feeling heavy even without the battery. it felt like an electric bike first that you can pedal as opposed to a bike first with a motor. I have to confess I didn't read the instructions (as I'm a retired mechanic by trade) and after it was all assembled, found out the key doesn't turn it on. instead it ejects the heavy battery which then lands on your Left foot. I read the instructions after that.

Completely Satisfied

I bought the Big Dog online and it arrived two business days later. It was easy to assemble and man does it look sexy! Great colors.
So far, the ride, performance, responsiveness is all exceptional. I am very satisfied with my choice.

Bike Helmet
Terry Roberts
Nifty helmet

Nice fitting & looking helmet. Built in front and rear lights that operate independently of each other. The rear lights also control the side marker lights as well. Everyone I ride with is very impressed!

Taking too long to get here

HD Wide-angle Handlebar Rearview Mirror (A pair)

nice mirror

very nice mirror, no shaking ,solid build, only four stars because i can't mount one on the right side, left only, no room.

Himiway E-bike Taillight
Doug & Dawn MacAulay

Good service

Adjustable bike stem

Unable to review at this time as I am still waiting for it to be delivered