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Himiway Cruiser Step-thru Ebike.

Received the ebike 6 days ago and have put in 168 km as of today and I do enjoy riding this bike, except the fat tires are pretty noisy. Noticed the maximum setting only goes to 40 km instead of 45km or 99 max setting. No sure why this configuration has changed on my Cruiser. Hopefully the bike seat will be charged to a more comfortable seat in the near future, instead of customers replacing it and have wasted the original seat.

Great bike

Great bike. I’m 6’-3” and 270 lbs and this bike hauls me around with no issues.

Great bike!

Easy to put together. The thing has speed! I didn’t even go higher than level 1.

A lot of fun to ride- sort of a child like thrill.

Overall, this bike is what I expected, and more fun to ride than I anticipated. I weigh 250 pounds and able to go 80 kms (50 miles) on a single charge. This 80 kms was moderately hilly, and about 10 kms of gravel. I was using peddle assist the whole time. I would say 80kms felt like 40kms from a workout perspective, and about 35% faster time.
I was disappointed with its performance over thick gravel (soft shoulder on gravel paths) as it was not that stable.
It is a very heavy bike. The assembly took me about 3 hours with no assistance.
I will be upgrading the seat.
Overall, I am very happy with the bike. I would have given a 5 star review had it performed better over thick and heavy gravel.

Perfect product!!

Perfect product and very good quality!!

It's Been A Year

A friend recommended the Himiway Cruiser after he researched ebikes thoroughly 1-1/2 years ago. This bike is very well made, uses great components, excellent all terrain riding, and is a GREAT value. I bought this bike for Cambria CA where you have a mixture of hilly street riding and off road trail riding. I really thought the fat tires were going to take away from the power and battery life, I was wrong. Not only do the tires make for a great ride, this bike has an abundance of torque and speed for my rides, with incredible battery life.

With the Cruiser I am able to go for a joy ride or a workout ride. Joy ride speaks for itself, but workout ride is something completely different. Whether I want cardio or leg strengthening/endurance, the 7 gears and 5 levels of power assist give me a great workout. And if I've worked the legs to much, hello all electric ride.

Would I want anything different on this bike? Yes, a more comfortable seat and dual disc breaks in the front. Its easy to go fast with the fat tires, dual discs would give me a little a little better breaking.

I LOVE this bike, I am glad I bought two!

Electric Cargo Bike
Edward Guimond

Love the Big Dog

No complaints at all! Pleased with it so far.

It is a great bike and I enjoy riding it. The assembly instructions are very vague. You need to include a note saying that you must unplug the charger cord to power it up. This had me puzzled for awhile.

Loving our Cruisers

Bought two cruisers a black for me and a white one for my wife. During the first two weeks that we have owned them we have ridden them everyday. They have exceeded our expectations and have gotten us back into biking! Even got up early for a coffee run. Excited to try them first ice fishing!

Retired female 120 lbs

It IS a heavy bike. However, I am using it on low assist for better control. The fat tires are much better on grass and trails vs street. So far--- a challange I am working up to.

Electric Cargo Bike
Benton Bramwell
Incredible bike

Handles the hills and gravel roads of my rural setting nicely. Because the pedal assist makes hills so easy I actually enjoy pedaling a lot more than I thought, and getting to the office with the throttle is easy when I just want to get there with no effort at all. The tail light needed a resistance adapter cable to stay on all the time, but they got that to me with an easy to follow video and that is all good now. Honestly, this is a huge amount of fun and I feel good about not using the car when the weather is decent. Well worth the investment. In the first few weeks I have put 110 miles on it and plan to just keep right on moving.


Very nice. Everything works great. It truly flattens the hills

Electric Cargo Bike
Otto Medina
So far so good.

This bike is what I expected. Strong and easy to assemble. It would be nice if comes with a set of mirrors and front basket, other than that, I like it.

The throttle cuts my bike off when I go full throttle something is wrong with it.

Transportation Costs
Albin Kuschel


Himiway Zebra is awesome!

The best bike for all terrains. And A heck of a climber

Frame bag works well

The Himiway Bike Frame Bag works well. Ia??m able to access all functions on my mobile phone.

E-bike Foldable Chain Lock

It's amazing!

Came assembled as stated. Just had to add pedals and adjust handle bars. Charged up the battery and took it for a ride last night. The led lights and illuminated display worked great. It was hot, we are in a heat wave, so I only rode for about 45min. Definitely a comfortable ride with the cushion seat and shocked absorbing frame. Would highly recommend.

My daily driver

It is very stable going top speed and when the pavement is bumpy or uneven, I would recommend if you buy one is to be diligent with maintenance, primarily keep the chain serviced because it will loosen over time and fall off at the worse possible time, but all in all 10/10 would recommend

Recommend it 100%

The assembly of the bike is super easy, and communication with the seller is even better and can guide and help you with questions one has!!! Recommend the bike 100%

Fun bike and a great price

The bike is allot of fun. This is my first e-bike and I really like it allot. Customer service as outstanding. They work with you to resolve any issues. The bike is somewhat large and its not as convenient to get on and off like a low step bike specially if you are an older person. Over all it is a great bike.


I purchased a Zebra on the web market and I needed a few replacement parts (due to a minor accident). The service I received was OUTSTANDING! The representative from Himiway, responded immediately and assisted me with the parts that I needed. The Himiway bike itself is no less amazing, The previous owner collided with a car but this bike is so well made that the damage was minimal, it still runs and drives well. As soon as I receive the parts it will be like new again! Customer support is vital and Himiway is amazing! I plan to purchase additional bikes for my family members. The electric bike market is big and this company in my opinion leads them all!

Joy came in a box

Easy to put together right out of box. Easy to learn how to ride. First ride after fully charged was 10 miles with no bar loss on battery. Height was Easy to adjust. It did great with my 275lb weight. Hills were no problem. I stayed in PAS mode the whole ride. Very comfortable. Feels good to get back out there and moving. Was able to get heart rate up at max consistently.