Best Fat Tire Ebike| Himiway Crusier

Electric Bikes Unveiled: The 4 Best Models Tested by Experts

All electric bikes open doors to a world of possibility – a healthier, more eco-friendly way to explore and commute. Here at Himiway, that's not just a slogan; it's our mission. We meticulously design and torture-test our electric bikes to ensure durability and an exceptional riding experience for every adventure. 

Tooting our horns aside, independent experts have also weighed in on many of our releases. So, if you're in the market for a suitable e-bike – whether it's for cruising the boulevard, conquering off-road trails, or even tackling your daily commute – these are the top Himiway models that have been put through the wringer and earned the praise of industry experts.

Himiway D3 - Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike Cruiser/ST

“The Himiway Cruiser is like an everyday pocketknife, in that you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll ride it.” - Digital Trends

The Himiway D3 lives up to its name – it's an e-bike you can truly cruise around on. Built tough with a sturdy aluminum frame, this e-bike can handle your daily rides and even surprise you with its versatility when riding on rough terrains. It’s just like Digital Trends, one of the top reviewers in the industry calls it, “Built like a tank but in a good way, the Himiway Cruiser can serve as a stalwart e-bike for commuting.”

Besides the rugged frame, the Himiway Cruiser packs serious power like its 750 motor and 80Nm torque, which CleanTechnica commends, saying it allows the e-bike to unleash "an impressive amount of assistance even at lower assistance levels," after running it through a series of tests. This means you get smooth rides and effortless climbing, regardless of whether you are a commuter or casual rider. To complement its power, the electric bike has a 720Wh battery that can get you up to 80km on a single charge. We have the Himiway Crusier in two styles. The original Crusier has the traditional step-over frame and the other is the Crusier ST with a step-thru frame praised by CleanTechnica because “adapts it (the original Crusier) onto a mid-step frame for easier mounting.” While testing the two versions, they also came to the  conclusion that the step-through version is “a huge advantage for riders looking to haul cargo, with less flexibility.” This makes it a perfect Father's Day gift for senior citizens with less mobility. However, no matter your choice, you’ll get a comfortable ride thanks to the front suspension and the plush Velo saddle seat built to mitigate shock.

To keep track of your riding, the e-bike's LCD shows miles ridden, speed, battery level, and even wattage output. For safety and a more comfortable ride, a 48v LED headlight comes in handy during night rides, and Kenda K-Shield fat tires offer puncture resistance and stability for conquering various terrains. To add to this, the Himiway D3 also has a top speed of 20 MPH, the Cruiser lets you enjoy a leisurely ride or navigate city streets with ease.

The many features offered by this electric bike earned it a 95 out of 100 scores at BikeRide, based on users' and experts’ opinions. No words better justify this than CleanTechinca’s, “The Himiway Cruiser blew our socks off as one of the best value electric bikes on the market.”

Electric Fat Tire Bike Himiway Crusier

Premium All-terrain Electric Fat Bike Zebra/D5

“The Zebra was built to take some abuse on the trail.”

 - Toms Guide

The Himiway Zebra isn’t your average commuting e-bike. It’s built for adventure, evident in the 6061 aluminum frame. This frame isn’t only lightweight but also very durable and can withstand the elements without corrosion. The D5’s 960Wh can travel up to 80 miles on a full charge, giving you no room for anxiety. But that isn’t the only thing experts love about this e-bike.

The 750W motor and 86Nm torque can easily tackle tough hills, and during the testing by people at CNet who rode it on and off-road in Minnesota, they said, “ was great. Some locals I talked to said it would be good for hunting trips…” CNet even further highlighted the Zebra's value, praising its "performance at a reasonable price." Not only CNet, 99spkes, after their testing, said, “The bike's powerful motor and dependable components make it an excellent option for riders who need extra assistance navigating uneven terrain, steep hills, or long distances.”

Besides the motor, as its name alludes, the Himiway Zebra D5 is an all-terrain fat tire e-bike. This gives you better traction and improved stability while making your ride comfortable. And just as Tom’s Guide puts it, “Those grippy tires aren’t scared of anything,”

In addition to getting you wherever you want to go, the 400lbs max payload also allows you to bring all essential equipment for your exploration. Just as Cycling Weekly said, “If you want to carry heavy things a long way, this bike is for you. This might be a good option if you’re looking for something to cart kids around on or handle a weekly supermarket shop.” Our Himiway Zebra is also customizable with a rear rack and a spot for a front mount basket.

Suppose you are tired of a gas-powered machine or would like an eco-friendly adventure machine. In that case, you should take a leaf out of Cycling Weekly’s book when they said the Himiway D5, “is a viable replacement for a car in many circumstances, with the ability to comfortably handle large loads.”

Premium All-terrain Ebike| Himiway D5

Himiway Cobra

“The ride comfort and overall riding experience of the Cobra has been so exceptional that this e-bike has become my daily driver.” - Active Gear Review

The Himiway Cobra is a beast on two wheels, built to conquer tough terrain with both power and comfort. Its 6061 aluminum frame houses a fully integrated 960Wh Samsung/LG battery, protected from the elements and potential mishaps. The battery can go as far as 80 miles on a full charge, and during Electric Bike Report testing, they noted that the “battery performed expectedly well.” In one of their PAS tests, “the Cobra went for 65.06 miles with a seriously impressive average speed of 15mph.” 

Speed and range aren’t the only impressive things about the Himiway Cobra. Its hydraulic brake system ensures sound and effective stopping. It doesn’t matter the speed you are riding at or the terrain; you can rely on the brakes for short stopping distances, even in emergencies. Electric Bike Report said, “In five full-power stops from 20 mph, the Cobra slowed in an average of 17 feet-9 inches,” which is pretty impressive.

Being a full-suspension e-bike, you can expect a smooth ride even on the bumpiest trails, which keeps you comfortable and in control. As MakeUseO puts it, “It's an off-road full suspension tank of a fat tire e-bike…”

The Cobra isn't all about comfort. The 750W geared hub motor, paired with a torque sensor, delivers impressive power and responsiveness. This translates to effortless climbing and excellent handling, as highlighted by MakeUseOf, who praise the Cobra's "fantastically responsive" nature. During night rides, the independent R&D luminosity taillight is 20% brighter than standard lights, enhancing visibility on the trails.

The Cobra's is one of the best all-terrain fat tire e-bikes with capabilities extending beyond just riding. With a 400lbs payload capacity, it surpasses most competitors, making it a perfect choice for hauling gear on hunting or camping trips. As points out, “love the potential payload the bike is capable of carrying. At 400 lbs, this is considerably better than its rivals and makes it excellent for hunting or wilderness camping.” The many exciting features of the Himiway Cobra earned it 91 out of 100 based on users and expert reviews.

Off-road Ebike| Himiway Cobra

Himiway Cobra Pro

“The Himiway Cobra Pro is a great all-around bike that can do pretty much anything…” 

- Forbes 

Built to conquer the most demanding terrain, the Himiway Cobra Pro is an electric mountain bike unlike any other. Its 6061 aluminum frame houses a massive 960Wh Samsung/LG battery, boasting an impressive 80% capacity retention after 1,000 charges.  This translates to extended off-road adventures, letting you explore further without range anxiety.

The Cobra Pro's true strength lies in its ability to handle anything you throw at it.  Forbes says the suspension "soaks up the hits," making for a smooth ride even on rough trails.  This is due to the combination of a true 4-bar linkage design and a powerful 1,000W mid-drive motor with a whopping 160Nm of torque. Electric Bike Report has this to say regarding the Himiway Cobra Pro “We spent a good chunk of time in some rough, rocky, and sandy areas that we shared with gas-powered dirt bikes…yet the Cobra Pro itself did not feel out of place when we rode it up a steep and slippery 100-foot sand dune repeatedly.” Also they noted that “plenty of the e-bikes we test have relatively low-powered assistance levels toward the bottom of their spectrum, but the Cobra Pro RIPS!”

The Shimano 10-speed gear system and hydraulic brakes ensure smooth gear changes and confident stopping power, while the Chen Shin all-terrain tires provide excellent grip on any surface. Like its Cobra sibling, the Cobra Pro features a plush Selle Royal saddle and an independent R&D luminosity taillight for superior visibility.

Web Bike World best summarises the Himiway Cobra Pro experience: "The Cobra Pro is a monster of a machine... I don't think I've ever had so much fun on two wheels before."  So, if you're looking for an e-MTB that can tackle any adventure, the Himiway Cobra Pro is the powerful and comfortable beast you've been waiting for.


The expert reviews speak for themselves: Himiway electric bikes are celebrated for their power, durability, and versatility. Himiway e-bikes are an exceptional choice for any rider, whether commuting, exploring off-road trails, or embarking on long-distance journeys.

Ready to experience the best in electric biking? Visit our website today to explore our range of Himiway models and find the perfect ride for your next adventure. Your next great ride awaits!

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