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Near perfect but

I received it today and did a 10km with it. Everything is perfect, material, motor, seat.
There is one major thing that remove a star you cannot adjust the seat and that make the knee hurt . Im only 5’7 and its too small for me…

un bon vélo abordable

un bon vélo à prix très abordable et d'une bonne fabrication.
Une livraison rapide et un excellent service après vente.

Great bikes

We ordered two bikes, the rambler and a zebra.

We received the order model of zebra, and the newer model of the rambler. There are big differences:
1. The zebra has the old screen and controller with a twist throttle. Rambler has new screen, thumb throttle, and controller.
2. The zebra charger was old, and has a fan. It's quite noisy when charging. Rambler has the new charger, no fan

I didn't know I was getting an older model zebra when I ordered, but now I know.

Battery: zebra seems to have decent range. Commuter too. We live in a very hilly neighborhood and it was able to conquer hills nicely.
Comfortable seats.
Assembly was fairly easy.

The rambler seems nicer and newer than the zebra

The shipping method in Canada is Purolator, and it generally is not very speedy, they only ship heavy weight on certain days, so Monday and Friday they will not ship to final address, it will get stuck in transit due to heavyweight. Still love the bikes, wish I had just gotten a newer model of the zebra, but I wasn't given a choice.

Padded gel seat

Looks very comfy 👌. Just waiting for my Himiway-ebike.

Il est beau

Il est beau, mais je ne sais pas encore s’il se fixe se le vélo et comment on aura du plaisir à s’en servir puisque nous n’avons pas reçu nos vélos. Mais le sac est magnifique et semble très pratique. J’en hâte de l’essayer.

Very bright

I love the new light. It seem much brighter than the round original light, looks great and it's waterproof too. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks again, Dave

Bike Helmet
Charline Bourque

Love it

After sale order
Randy Welch
Great warranty service

Top notch service when it comes to warranty. Dealing with them was a pleasure. Keep up the good work.

After sale order
alain beaudry
envoi rapide

envoi de garde boues sur D7 PRO installation facile tres satisfait

I love

Awesome bike couple of kinks

I have been excited to try my new cobra 🐍 bike. Omg it's awesome. Pedal assist and power are awesome I'll be out there more than ever. The downside. The rear shock has broke on my second ride in the city. The right pedal has bent but that's on me as I fell down lol. Not used to pedal assist and snow. But the only problem is that the rear shock broke, it is still functioning but it needs to be replaced. I have pictures of required.

Perfect upgrade

Makes those 50 mile rides a breeze

Great addition to my Escape Pro

Nice big rear rack, lightweight and easy to install. I am impressed by the whole product: my bike, the accessories, the service, everything. Thank you!

Delayed shipping

I ordered the new D7 Cobra mid February 2024 and was waiting patiently for the shipping email but unfortunately the webpage updated saying a delay until late April. I suppose this bike is very popular and their stock did not match their orders. I contacted customer service and they promptly refunded me $100 for the inconvenience. I really wanted this bike for spring but I am now waiting another month. I am eagerly waiting to ride 😎

E-bike Cobra pro

I haven’t received the bike yet!!!🤷🏻‍♂️

Shipment in Canada is with Purolator, and slow.

It takes two weeks for the bike to make it from Himiway to your address. Because the shipment is heavyweight and shipped via Purolator, they only deliver Heavyweight on tuesday/wednesy/thursday, meaning it will take likely the slowest route to your house.

Awesome Bikes

My wife and I just got our cruiser step through bikes and put in 160km this week. These awesome bikes have brought back the love of cycling for a couple of dusty old farts. Lots of hills in our area are no longer an issue. Just dial up the pedal assist and off we go. Thank you Himiway!!! You delivered big time!!!!

Hard to give a review when I don’t have my bike yet.

Just installed today

I apologize but I was just actually able to find time to install today. The weather was nice and I put 16 km on bike, 3 trips in 2 days. Now it cold out again I have time for bike.
The new display went on easier than the old one came off. If you have a set of metric allen keys your good to go. The display is much nicer than original. It's much larger and easier to see but that's all I can honestly tell you. Tomorrow I program it a d wait for next nice day to test it out. I do believe that it's a great upgrade

I’m sorry I have not y used it I’m in Costa Rica till April 15 then I can start enjoying my purchases

Love it

Awesome bike!!

Great addition to your bike

I do a lot of road bike, so having these are extremely helpful when I need to check for incoming cars behind me. They aren't very wide so thats also very nice when you take into fact that the bike itself is big. I had been afraid that I wouldn't be able to pass through doorways with the mirror, but it was fine. Also, the mirror doesn't move or change position when on bumpy roads.

Nous n'avons pas encore essayer nos vélos car nous attendons que les rue soit nettoyer...
Mais, nous avons eu un service exeptionel avec Himiway.
Quand on leurs écrit , ils nous répondent rapidement.
Nous avons très hâte d'essayer nos magnifiques vélos.

Adjustable Bike Stem
Terry Roberts
Great product!

We like a more upright ride so using these stems, reversed, gave us closer handlebars and upright position.


Very professional service and after sale support.
Thank you