Change PAS from 1 to 0

  1. Press “+” and “-“ at the same time. The display will show up as “tc-n”.
  2. Press “+” and “-“ at the same time again. It should show up as a “P6” menu with 0000 on the bottom left, with the 1st digit blinking.
  3. Press “i” to move over a digit.
  4. Press “+” 5 times. It will read 0500 with the 5 flashings.
  5. Press “i” again to move over another digit.
  6. Press the “+” key. It will read 0510 with the 1 flashing.
  7. Press the “i” key twice. It should bring you to a screen with a “1” flashing in the top right and say VOL.
  8. Press the “+” key. It will have a “2” flashing in the top right and the screen should read “SCA”
  9. Press “i” to enter the screen mode. There will be a flashing “1-5” on the bottom left.
  10. Press “-“. And it reads “0-5”.
  11. Press and hold “i” to kick you back to the previous screen.  It reads “2” and SCA.
  12. Press and hold “i” again. Release it until it takes you to the main screen.
  13. Press  “-“ to change pedal-assist to “0” in the top right corner.