All you need to know about Himiway Pony: Designing the Safest Commuter Electric bike

All you need to know about Himiway Pony: Designing the Safest Commuter Electric bike

Electric bikes have the potential to reach higher speeds than traditional bikes, and thereby, riders are often weary of the greater chances of collisions and injuries. The electric bike must have good safety features to reduce these dangers and ensure safety.

The Himiway Pony is one of Himiway's safest first-ever pedal-free Ebike. This ebike suits women, students, commuters, and young individuals best. With the Pony electric bike, you would enjoy a safer, more enjoyable biking experience around the city.

One distinguishing feature of the Himiway Pony is its single-chain stay design. The single chain stay on the Pony exemplifies the bike's innovative and thoughtful design. In addition to providing safety and dependability, it enhances the bike's overall appearance, making it a standout option for customers looking for a one-of-a-kind electric bike.

Mini electric bike | Himiway

Origin of the Himiway Pony

The Himiway Pony Portable Electric Mini Bike came into existence due to the feedback from our test ride events and the expos we held and attended in the US from May to November across Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Miami. At these events, we polled young individuals on their general opinions of the e-bike market.

Unexpectedly, those under 35 also strongly desired to use e-bikes for everyday commutes. Typically, they would not be willing to ride ordinary bicycles to work since they can get soaked in sweat before they arrive at their destinations. They also told us about their worries over e-bikes. They believed the e-bikes already on the market were excessively large and cumbersome.

Even though their demands were mostly related to commuting to work or school and moving about cities, their belief is that the e-bikes on the market are too large and heavy. Truthfully, large e-bikes can often be challenging to maneuver in tight places in cities and cannot be transported upstairs or into flats for storage.

Also, to them, most bikes on the market are pricey and usually out of their price range. After compiling this feedback, our product team created a smaller, lighter, and more compact e-bike.

The Mini Ebike for Adults: Designer's Inspiration

Himiway Pony design inspiration

After getting feedback from ebike riders, our Himiway designer had to deliver an ebike design that is smaller, lighter, and more portable. He got inspiration from his neighbor's child's bike. The absence of pedals and additional chains made this straightforward bicycle, intended for children to practice balancing, extraordinarily light and simple to transport. Our designer realized that if kids could use a bike like this, it would work for adults who wanted a smaller, more portable commuter bike.

The Pony can provide a practical, efficient, and fun way to get around town by taking design cues from a child's balance bike.

Top features of the Himiway Pony

We released our latest ebike, the Himiway Pony, one of the safest commuter electric bikes on the market. Here are some design features that make the Himiway Pony a top choice, reliable, and safe commuter bike.

  • Single Chain stay design

The Pony electric bike stands out from other electric mini bikes thanks to its original and creative design, which features a single chain stay. For parallelism with the chain stay, this design feature requires aligning the seat and down tubes at an angle of 90 degrees. This feature enhances the bike's parallel aesthetic and makes it distinct.

Pony's single-chain stay design offers a unique and distinguishing appearance that customers can easily recognize, unlike the conventional rear triangle design that can be found on many other bicycles currently on the market. The Pony electric bike has a widened chain stay that increases its overall strength and adds a layer of safety for riders, making it stand out from the competition. The bike's safe and dependable design makes it an excellent choice for commuters looking for a reliable mode of transportation.

  • Waterproof Battery Design

Despite its small size, the Pony is durable and efficient, and its battery lasts long hours. The waterproof design of the Pony's down tube-embedded battery ensures reliability even in inclement weather, and its 360-watt-hour battery makes it easy to navigate city streets.

  • Pedal-Free

Pedal-free, which refers to electronic bikes that operate without pedaling, is another distinct feature of the Pony bike. Without having to pedal, riders can stand on the Pony's platform and control the vehicle's speed and direction with a throttle or other controls.

Design benefits of the Himiway Pony

Himiway is already known as a brand for producing high-quality electric bikes, and the Pony presents an ebike that is affordable and reliable for a wide range of riders. Below are some benefits of our design:

  • A Perfect Blend of Fashion and Function

The Himiway's Pony is a sleek, stylish electric bike attracting attention. Due to its bold and vibrant colors, it's almost impossible for other road users not to notice you as you ride on the street.

  • Versatile and portable

Our notion for creating the Pony is to be lightweight and versatile, making them simple for our riders to convey and move to any place they go. They are the ideal travel companion for discovering new places because you can take them on buses, trains, subways, cars, and yachts.

  • Less Weight

The Pony's lightness makes riding, maneuvering, transporting, and storing it simple. The electric motor gives riders power when needed to enjoy a smooth and easy ride. The Pony weighs 33/35 lbs. This Mini ebike accommodates a wide range of riders thanks to its compatibility with riders ranging from 5'1" to 6'4" and a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.

  • Variety of color options

The Himiway Pony boasts a sleek, stylish design that turns heads on the road. The bike has five color options, pearl white, mid-summer, Mint Green, Himi Grey, and midnight forest. Also, the bike's frame is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, making the bike lightweight yet durable enough to handle daily wear and tear.

The Manuscript of Himiway Pony

Pony's Concept of Design

Here is a comparison of the Pony Portable Electric Mini Bike and other mini bikes:

Himiway Pony VS Mini Motorbike:

Mini motorcycles, also known as pocket bikes, are motorized bikes that are smaller than standard motorcycles.


The Himiway Pony has the following advantages over the Mini Motorbike:

  • 1. Lesser upkeep expenses: 

Mini motorbikes powered by gas require more care than Himiway Pony e-bikes. Moreover, their engines are more complicated, requiring regular oil changes and other maintenance tasks.

  • 2. No Noise Pollution: 

Mini-electric bikes are quieter than gas-powered bikes, which can cause noise pollution. This can worry the people who live in local locations or ride in parks or other public spaces.

  • 3. Reduced Cost: 

Mini motorbikes powered by gas typically have an initial cost less than mini electric bikes. However, in the long run, the lesser maintenance cost of the Himiway Pony makes them more affordable for a wider range of riders.


Below are some cons of the Himiway Pony compared with the Mini motorbike:

  • 1. Lower Speed: 

Gas-powered mini motorbikes generally reach higher speeds than mini-electric bikes. Thus, this can make them more exciting and suitable for racing or recreational riding.

  • 2. Lesser Range: 

Mini motorbikes powered by gas are more extended than mini electric bikes, allowing them to travel greater distances without refueling. They might be better suited for longer rides or races because of this.

Himiway Pony VS Mini Dirt Bike:

The Himiway Pony and mini dirt bikes are two different types of bikes with distinct designs and purposes.


Here are some advantages the Himiway Pony has over the Mini dirt bikes:

  • 1. Beginner Friendly: : 

Himiway Pony is more suitable for beginners, and this may have less to do with the skill level and previous experience.

  • 2. Increased Comfortability: 

The Himiway Pony offers riders a comfortable, larger seat and upright riding position. Mini dirt bikes are designed for speed and agility so they may be less comfortable for longer rides.

  • 3. Less Riding Restrictions: 

Dirt e-bikes may not be allowed to be ridden on public roads or in certain parks in some places. Riders should be aware of these rules and follow them to avoid fines or other penalties.


Below are some cons of the Pony bike compared with the mini dirt bike:

  • 1. Lesser Speed: 

Mini dirt bikes are generally more powerful and faster than the Himiway Pony. They can handle rough terrain and obstacles, requiring high power and speed. The Himiway Pony is suitable for commuting and urban riding, so it doesn't require the same level of power and speed.

  • 2. Expensive at purchase: 

Mini dirt bikes can vary in price, but they are generally less expensive than the Himiway Pony. Hence, this is because mini dirt bikes are designed for off-road use and don't have the same features as the Himiway Pony.

Himiway Pony VS Electric Scooters:

The Himiway Pony and electric scooters are two popular modes of electric transportation, but they have some key differences.


The Himiway Pony offers the following benefits over the electric scooter:

  • 1. Suitable for long rides:

The Himiway Pony has a larger seat and is designed for longer rides, making it more comfortable than most electric scooters. Electric scooters typically have smaller wheels and a more compact frame, which can make them less comfortable for longer rides.

  • 2. Longer life span: 

The Himway Pony ebike has a longer lifespan than electric scooters because of its simple construction and modest parts. However, the electric scooter can still last several years if kept in good condition.

  • 3. Less Expensive: 

The Himiway Pony is generally less expensive than most electric scooters even though it has a larger size, powerful motor, and off-road capabilities.


Compared to the electric scooter, the Himiway Pony has the following disadvantages:

  • 1. Higher running cost: 

Because they require less upkeep and have fewer mechanical parts, electric scooters typically have lower maintenance costs. However, their smaller wheel size may necessitate more frequent tire replacements.

  • 2. Not as Portable: 

Electric scooters are generally lighter, making them easier to transport and store. The fact that most e-scooters are foldable makes them even more portable.


The Himiway Pony is a top-of-the-line commuter electric bike designed with safety in mind. Thus, this makes it ideal for navigating the tight spaces and corners encountered while commuting in the city. Furthermore, this mini ebike is best for city commuting, urban leisure rides, and RV travel. It boasts a stylish and sleek design with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame.