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Electric Bike Motors That Rule All Terrain: Expert Guide

Gliding on city roads or cutting through harsh terrain, the ebike motor plays a crucial role in comfort. At Himiway, we don’t only consider your real-life experience, we test them and make sure they deliver.

We offer two main types of e-bike motors, and both of them are brushless. One is the rear-hub motor and the other is the mid-drive. Each of them has their benefits. So, choosing the right one for your e-bike is important.

Today, let’s check out the different types of Himiway Electric Bike motors, what they are like, and which one to choose. 

In the end, you will find a few FAQs to help you out with the question answers. Read more below.

Different Types Of Himiway Electric Bike Motors

Ebike Motor | Himiway

The types of motors Himiway offers depend solely on the purpose of the ebike. Some e-bikes are meant for city commuting or off-road, while others are for carrying cargo. 

However, most of the motors are either geared hub motors or mid-drive motors. And all of them are brushless.

Motor Type



Himiway Bike Models

Rear Hub Motor

✔ Powerful acceleration
✔ Efficient at high speeds 
✔ Simple and lightweight 
✔ Compatible with standard drivetrains
    ✔ Less climbing power than mid-drive motors 
    ✔ Can affect handling, especially at low speeds

      Cruiser, Cruiser ST, Escape, Zebra, Zebra ST, Rhino, Cobra

      Mid-Drive Motor

      ✔ More climbing power and torque
      ✔ Better handling and stability 
      ✔ Feels Natural Riding Experience
        ✔ More complex and heavier 
        ✔ Can be more expensive

          Cobra Pro, Rambler

          Rear Hub Motor (Motors Located In The Rear Wheel)

          These motors are integrated into the rear wheel hub. You will notice a bulge around the center of the rear wheel, which houses the motor. Here's a picture:

          Hub motor electric bike | Himiway

          In picture: Himiway Long Range All Terrain Step Thru eBike

          List Of Himiway’s Rear Hub Motor E-Bikes:


          Motor Power (Watt)

          All-Terrain Zebra 


          Cobra Pro 




          Escape Pro 


          Cargo Ebike Big Dog 






          All-Terrain Step Thru (Cruiser ST) 


          Performance Of It

          • ✔ Simpler and lighter: More affordable and lighter due to less complex mechanics.
          • ✔ Direct power to wheel: Provides a “push from behind” sensation (Though some may find it less natural)
          • ✔ Less efficient at higher speeds: Can drain the battery faster compared to mid-drive at higher speeds.

          Riding Experience

          • ✔ Easy to use: Works seamlessly with any gear, ideal for casual riders or throttle control.
          • ✔ Less responsive: May feel less connected to the bike compared to mid-drive.
          • ✔ Potential for wheel wobble: A heavier rear wheel can cause slight wobble at high speeds.

          Mid-Drive Motor (Motors Located In The Middle Of The Frame)

          These motors are located in between the pedal and crankset, right in the center of the e-bikes. They offer a bit smoother power transfer and handle higher loads. Here's a picture:

          Mid drive motor electric bike | Himiway

          In Picture: Himiway Softail Electric Mountain Bike Cobra Pro

          List Of Himiway E-Bikes With Mid-Drive Motor:


          Motor Power (W)

          Cobra Pro


          Rambler Premium


          Softail Cobra Pro


          Rhino Pro


          Performance Of Mid-Drive motors

          • ✔ More powerful and efficient: Delivers smoother power transfer and better climbing ability.
          • ✔ Works with gears: Utilizes the bike's drivetrain for optimal efficiency and a wider range of power.
          • ✔ Sturdier construction: Generally handles higher loads and rougher terrain better.

          Riding experience

          • ✔ More natural feel: Provides a more connected and responsive riding experience.
          • ✔ Better handling: Improved weight distribution leads to better stability and control.
          • ✔ Requires gear shifting: Demands more attention to gear selection for optimal performance.

          How To Choose The Right Himiway Electric Bike MotorMoped ebike | Himiway

          Though there are just two types of Himiway E-bike motors (Rear Hub and Mid-Drive) picking the right one is a bit technical. Don’t worry. Here’s how you can choose the right one for your ebike:

          Know Your Purpose First

          Going through your primary use for the electric bike should come first. If you're looking for a bike for city commuting or casual rides on flat terrain, a Rear Hub Motor may be suitable. 

          However, when planning to tackle rough terrains, or hills, or need more climbing power, a Mid-Drive Motor might be a better choice.

          Sloped Roads Or Not (Depends On Usage)

          A Mid-Drive Motor is generally more adaptable at climbing sloped roads. But if your routes are mainly flat or involve moderate inclines, a rear hub motor is half bad.

          Details To Weight

          Try out mid-drive motors to get a bit of weight while riding. You will get better control while riding faster (18 mph+), plus good momentum. Rear hub motors are lighter and simple, yet provide better torque in city roads. 

          Think About Handling and Stability

          Mid-drive motors, as they are in the center of the e-bike, have a better weight distribution. If stability is a key concern, especially on rough terrains, a Mid-Drive Motor may be preferable. 

          Test Ride First (Or Check The Users)

          Whenever possible, test ride both mid-drive and rear hub motor equipped bikes to assess how each feels in action. 

          Consider factors such as responsiveness, natural feel, and overall riding experience. If it's not an option, go through reviews by real users and then choose which one you need.

          Fat tire electric bike | Himiway


          1. What technologies are used in Himiway's electric bike motor systems?

          Himiway uses brushless motor technology, which ensures durability and reduced maintenance. The factors contributing to the power and performance of Himiway motors include innovative design, top-quality materials, and cutting-edge engineering. 

          Furthermore, Himiway motors have a balance between battery and motor integration, enhancing range and longevity.

          2. Which Himiway e-bike motor is suitable for off-roading?

          Himiway e-bike motors with 500W to 1000W motor capacity are more suitable for off-roading. . Starting from steep inclines to rough trails, these Himiway motors ensure that you get optimum performance across different terrains.

          3. Are Himiway electric bike motors affordable?

          Yes, Himiway offers a wide range of electric bike motors that are affordable without compromising performance. Whether you need rugged off-roading or a consistent and reliable motor for daily commuting, you can find a cost-effective option too.

          End Note

          To sum things up, Himiway offers all brushless motors, either with a rear hub or a mid-drive option. Both options are available in the market, and no one is better than the other. However, choosing the best type is up to you. 

          Mid-drives will offer better control and stability, while rear hub motors give more torque output. Rear hub ones don't really need too much maintenance. So, if you are not into too much cleaning, go with it.