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Which kind of Electric Bike Motors is best?

The motor is to an electric bike, as the heart is to the human body. It is literarily the bike's engine, and nothing happens without it. The motor is responsible for motion, giving pedal assist while riding. Therefore, it is the power behind the extra push you get when you apply minimum energy pedaling. When you want to purchase a new Himiway e-bike, you need to check the type of motor in the options you have before you take a pick. Also, take note of every law and regulation guiding ebikes in your region.

Your environment contributes to determining the kind of motor suitable for you. Some locations are not precisely biking-friendly, while others are not. Hence, it would be best if you had a proper study of your area before your purchase. Doing this ensures you exert less pressure on the bike's motor. 

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Types of motors

This article informs you of the type of electric bike motors and the best ones that suit your lifestyle. Ebike companies often mount the motor on the front, mid, or rear end of the e-bike, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a look at them:

Front hub motor

Located in the frontal part of the bike is the motor. This motor is in the frontal part of the bike, fixed to the front wheel to propel the bike forward while you ride. The rear part of the bike is pushed by you while you pedal, giving the bike a balanced motion. The front hub motors are your best bet in the snow or on a muddy road because they provide better traction. After all, it has an all-wheel drive system, making rides easier as the front and rear wheels are powered separately. This motor exerts little weight on the front wheel, so it might not give you that extra pull or speed you would have loved.


The front motor is easy to install and uninstall since there is no gear system in the same compartment. This also makes it easy to change a flat tire.


The front motor comes in only some power capacities. They come in lower power options because the design of the e-bike is not for supporting enormous power capacity in the front of the bike.

Mid-Drive motors

The kinds of motors are in the mid-region of the bike, usually on the pedals and chainring. They are less popular than the front motor but gradually get there as technology unfolds. Mechanically, the electric bicycle moves by the mid-drive motor's torque. This movement then causes the shaft connected to the chainring to spin. The mid-drive engine does not necessarily add a power source to the bike but complements your pedaling, easing the stress off you. 

Since these motors are relatively scarce in the market, they cost more than the front motors. The motor pack also has a gear-reduction mechanism. Himiway Cobra Pro Fully Elekrisches Mountain Bike uses mid-drive motors, which spin hundreds of times per minute, faster than you could pedal. All expensive mid-drive systems have gear sensors that turn off the motor's power while you shift gears, preventing the chain from breaking while the bike is not in gear.


The mid-drive motor helps distribute weight evenly on the bike, which helps balance. It also enables you to achieve optimal speed while consuming little power.


Since this motor transfers power to the chainrings and cogs, that region is exposed to wear and tear because it will constantly be in motion.

Rear hub motors

These motors are mounted on the rear wheel's hub and are responsible for the pushing feeling you get when you ride. They aid your ride by giving you the push you need from behind. They are the most common types of e-bike motors. Some Himiway Bikes use rear hub motors, including Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike and Himiway Big Dog electric cargo bike. The weight is often evenly balanced with the rear hub motors, which is an important tip to consider. A well-balanced bike equals a smooth ride. They also handle high power output well as the e-bike is well structured to receive and absorb it. 


These motors are great with the throttle function and can help you get to your destination quickly. The appearance also resembles traditional bikes in many ways than none; hence there is little to learn before you can start riding.


The drawback is that the motor shares the same space with the gear, so replacing them isn’t so easy. It also makes changing flat tires complicated. Mounting the motor and battery on the rear part of the e-bike makes the bike heavy to carry and move around, which gives the mid-drive engine an advantage.

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Which electric bike is best for me 

Everyone wants a bike that best suits their need and lifestyle. Of course, there are different factors you should consider before buying an e-bike. Location, price, and design are examples of those factors. However, your primary consideration should be the ebike’s motor. 

You need to know what kind of motor best suits you. Even after reading multiple online articles, you can identify the best e-bike motor for you with its pros and cons. No e-bike motor is harmful or undesirable. It depends on your priorities and what you want to get out of your bike. 

The responsibility of maintaining and moving the bike rests on you. Hence you would need to select a bicycle that speaks your language. For example, if you live in a flood-prone area, you need an e-bike with a motor that gives you enough traction on the road.

Similarly, if you regularly move your bike up and down rugged terrains on hunting trips, you need an e-bike with a mid-drive motor. With it, the bike's weight will be evenly distributed across the e-bike, making it easier for you to lift. You must weigh all your options and select the motor that best rocks your boat.

These three types of electric bike motors have their pros and cons. As the bike's owner and rider, your opinion determines your choice. You must study and digest every piece of information to know what's best for you when you are ready to purchase. 

As you think through this, also factor in daily maintenance and routine check-ups that you would be doing. If you still need to master changing your tires, you are better with an e-bike with the motor and gearbox in different compartments. Look out for this kind of restraint in the engine, especially when you do not have someone to help you with the technicalities of the bike.


As you consider purchasing an e-bike, also consider what changes are likely to occur soon. Would you be changing location? Would you be moving to another apartment? Are there specific laws in your current state that are likely to change? These questions would save you the stress of purchasing an e-bike from Himiway bikes and start looking to change it in the next few weeks. Above all, this article gives you enough information on the different types of e-bike motors to aid your choice purchase.