Which is better: step-through or step-over bikes?

Which is better: step-through or step-over bikes?

Bicycles have evolved over the years to become fancier and rider-friendly. Most people are starting to choose the ebikes over Mopeds. Some time ago, there was a controversy around the gender specificity of electric bikes. Some people were of the school of thought that bikes are a means of movement for men. Some others thought their design was for both males and females. This debate was able to hold water because, back in the day, women wore long dresses, making pedaling difficult and risky. Nowadays, several women can ride a bike without bothering about raising their legs too high or other unnecessary worries while pedaling.

Interestingly, some people still want to know if there are e-bikes for women and e-bikes for men. While we may not categorically answer that question, we would be delving into the types of bike frames we have. They are the following:

  • Step-through bikes
  • Step-over bikes 

We dedicate this article to describing both types of ebikes. At the same time, we would unravel the pros and cons of each of them.

step-through or step-over bikes? | Himiway

Step-through bikes

The step-through bikes bike conveniently overcame the hindrances of traditional bicycles. Their frame is lower than the step-over bikes but not as low as the low-step frame. They meet convenience right in the middle. Himiway’s Long Range All Terrain Step-thru cruiser e-bikes are easy to mount and dismount and give you an upright position while you ride. That posture would pay off in the long run, especially for those with underlining health issues affecting their ability to move. 

The ease of the step-through bike is made possible by the lowly built curved frame. This type gained popularity in the day because it made women feel included. Ladies didn't have to worry about mounting, dismounting, and pedaling their bicycles without lifting their dresses. Step-through bikes are great for a casual evening ride, commuting to work, and running errands in the neighborhood.

Pros of step-through bikes

Costume-friendly: Step-through bikes are safe and easy to ride. Since you can comfortably get on and off the bike, you would not require extra effort or specific clothing to go out for a ride. Of course, you would need to dress comfortably enough to ride, but these types of bikes are generally easy to handle.

Ease of riding: If you are running errands or shopping in the neighborhood, you need a bike you can effortlessly get on and off. A step-through bike is that kind of bike. With its low-cut curve, you can get on and off it countless times.

Great for office trips: Are you commuting to the office? This bike should be your go-to option. Step-through bikes require minimum flex effort; therefore, you would not worry about sweating even in formal wear.

Cons of step-through bikes

Heavy to lift: Step-through bikes are relatively heavy. The front and rear frames are not broadly connected since there is no joining bar as we have on traditional bikes. This difference requires that they are built with more potent and more durable materials, hence the reason for their weight.

Low speed: Step-through bikes do not guarantee speed but comfort. If you are a track cyclist, you should not consider getting a bike with a step-through frame because you may never win the race. Also, if you are running late to work or have an early appointment, they are not your best bet, except you are getting a step-through e-bike from Himiway bikes. 

Does not encourage accessorizing: If you are a fan of accessorizing your bike with fancy ribbons and gadgets, you should think twice before purchasing a step-through bike. They need room for extra accessories like water bottle holders, mini racks, etc. Although, in recent times, they now come in bespoke accessories.

Step-over bikes

These bikes are more popular than the step-through bike. Most of the bikes you see in your vicinity are likely step-over bikes. People have grown to embrace these bikes because they have lighter weights, and the movement is effortless. They are also called diamond or triangle framed bikes, and they usually come in the form of road bikes, and mountain bikes, amongst others. As a rider, you would enjoy a more relaxed ride with the Himiway Cobra electric mountain bike because it gives you pedal power and balance. As the name implies, you must "step over" the diamond/ triangle construction to get on the bike. This extra effort is a significant difference between them and the step-through bikes, making them different and easily recognizable even from a distance.

Pros of step-over bikes

Riding made easy: The step-over bikes guarantee speed and ease of handling, which is generally a perk for bikes. The ease of handling is achievable because of their design. The design materials are light; hence you would need less effort when riding.

High Durability: If you are concerned about the durability of your bike, then consider getting a step-over bike from Himiway bikes. Due to the bike's frame structure, you can be sure to have your bike running perfectly even after a thousand miles.

Not restricted by terrains: You can ride step-over bikes on any terrain or go on hunting trips. This freedom is helpful if you like to explore mountains and other steep landscapes. You and your bike are sure to come back in one piece, made possible by the bike's sturdy geometry.

Cons of step-over bikes

Not suitable for extreme conditions: Even though step-over bikes' designs are great for rides on any terrain, step-over bikes have some boundaries. If you are a powerful rider, you must invest in custom-made bikes that suit your needs.

Not suitable for extreme riders: This bike frame is not an option for hard-core riders since it will not suit the standard. Their reinforcement is less solid than other bikes and so might not meet the demanded flexibility that comes with heavy riding.

No solid reinforcement: Only some step-over ebikes are for off-road trips. Some are primarily for riding within the neighborhood. So investing in good tires and learning how to avoid flat tires is a wise decision if you explore environments that are not conventional. The Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike is great for uncharted terrains, and as e-bikes keep evolving, there will be more step-over bike option that supports heavy riding.

Are E-Bike Gender Specific? | Himiway

Are e-bikes gender specific?

The controversy around which electric or traditional bike suits women and which is better for men is no longer debatable in this modern time. Apart from women being able to put on long flowing gowns when riding, the step-through frame has made it possible to be fully corporately dressed and still ride a bike. Now, you can boldly let those around you know that no electric bikes are made explicitly for men or women. When you want to make your purchase, worry only about your lifestyle, personal needs, and the bike's intended use before deciding what type you will buy. We want you to rest assured that electric bicycles purchased at Himiway ebikes are guaranteed to give the best riding experience for the longest time possible.


Demystifying the two types of bike frames goes beyond a mere input of choices. Both the step-through bikes and step-over bikes have their pros and cons. The better option is categorically tricky to tell. But with this article helping to create an impression of the frame’s intention, we can leave the ball in your court to know which type suits your lifestyle, age, and health status. Note that every ebike suits both gender, and anyone can ride any e-bike frame. It is all about your personal preference.