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Himiway bike is Launching the Canadian Market Today

Himiway is all set to disrupt the Canadian electric bike scene with its longer-range fat tire electric bike line.

August 1, 2022 -- America’s leading long-range electric bike manufacturer, Himiway Bike, has just launched its official website for the Canadian market. The fat tire electric bike company has been on an expansion spree and will be officially arriving on the Canadian scene in the early quarter of next month. Along with the launch of the official website, Himiway is also extending exclusive promotional offers for Canadian customers.

Although the leading long-range electric bike manufacturer will officially expand to Canada on August 1, 2022, they have already started accepting orders on their newly launched Canadian website. Canadian customers will receive 100 CAD off on their order if they subscribe to the company newsletter. Additionally, Himiway is offering 200 CAD off on the purchase of two electric bikes

One of the top 3 electric bike manufacturers in North America, Himiway Bike has been founded on the experiences, dreams, and visions of 2,000+ electric bike enthusiasts. The renowned ebike company stands out with élan with the state-of-the-art engineering that enables it to reach out to even the most hard-to-reach corners and terrains that other electric bikes won’t dare to reach out to. While regular electric bikes can reach only up to 40 miles on a single charge, Himiway bikes have shown to reach a whopping 43% higher range. 

Founded in 2017, Himiway has launched three major categories of long-range fat tire bikes to date- Escape Pro, Cruiser, and Cobra. The company has brought the entire range to the Canadian market.

The Himiway line is characterized by longer-range bikes that can reach up to 60-80 miles just on a single charge. Moreover, some of the Himiway bikes are equipped with some of the biggest fat tires in the market that help to assure superior braking control and stability. The Cobra version comes with the largest fat tire (CST super-fat tires) in the whole North American market.

The Himiway Cobra Pro is the upgraded version of Himiway Cobra. The advanced version is equipped with a high-range Bafang-made mid-drive motor and a huge 1300W motor. However, the bike is specially designed for off-road bikers.

The Cruiser version has earned rave reviews for offering a comfortable ride in the most complex riding conditions. It can reach up to 60 miles on a single charge while its 26” fat tires assure solid stability and grip. The Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru is an upgraded version of Himiway Cruiser and offers incredible comfort with its low-step design. Himiway has also launched a further upgraded version, Zebra, that can bike up to 80 miles on a single charge.

Added to mountain terrains, Himiway bikes are also compatible with city rides and riding on plain land. The Himiway Escape Pro is a moped-style bike that is designed for both wild adventures and city rides. One of the best electric bikes in the current U.S. market, the bike is renowned for excellent stability and braking, thanks to its fat tires and dual suspension system. Its clear LCD display is another plus while a powerful 750W motor, as well as 7-gear shift, make for comfortable riding even in complicated conditions. Hi8miway has also launched an upgraded version of Escape Pro. Aptly titled Himiway Big Dog, the upgraded version comes with a more diverse and larger rear to accommodate a large volume of cargo.


Himiway is aspiring to scale up the Canadian electric bike scene to newer heights through longer-range and high-tech fat tire electric bikes.