Riding Electric Bike to Lose Weight

Can You Lose Weight Riding an Electric Bike?

A fun way to shed extra fat is by cycling. It helps keep you fit while enjoying the outdoors. Whenever you ride a bike, you use most of your major muscles, especially your legs. Therefore, cycling helps improve your heartbeat, burns cholesterol, and strengthens your bones and muscles. 

An electric bike gives you a green alternative means to commute and enables you to travel further and faster. Also, ebikes have been proven safe and effective for all ages. As you ride an electric bike constantly, you get to keep fit and burn calories effortlessly at your own pace. The Electric bike gives you comfort and the right balance for cycling. You may not even know that you are exacting energy because you would be having fun while riding. Combining a good lifestyle with exercising can help you maintain a moderate weight.

This article will provide helpful information on losing weight and burning calories as you bike.

Is riding an ebike still a workout?

Yes, it is a form of workout, and you can still burn calories riding an electric bike. The ebike has three operation modes: unassisted, pedal-assisted, and throttle-powered. If the rider chooses the throttle-powered, the user doesn’t pedal since the electric motor engages the throttle and powers the bike. For the pedal-assisted, the user pedals while the e-bike's motor assists. But unassisted puts the rider in sole control of powering the bike by pedaling. Regardless of the choice of operation, riding is still a physical activity that requires energy. 

It's no secret that riding an ebike is a lower intensity exercise than riding a traditional bike, but you still burn some calories. Cycling offers you longer and lowers intensity rides which helps build your endurance. Electric bikes don't only keep you fit, but you also get to improve your biking skills. Rather than feeling exhausted, you experience some form of excitement and fun while you ride.

Riding Himiway Ebike

How many calories do you burn riding an electric bike?

The calories you burn while riding an electric bike differ depending on several factors. Some include the terrain, the distance, and the weight of the bike and rider. By estimates, you could burn about 400 calories per hour while riding an ebike. While for regular bikes, it’s more – you can burn roughly 540 calories. Generally, regularly cycling an electric bicycle enables you to shed unwanted fat. Although, you may burn lesser calories when compared to a regular bike. Both conventional and electric bikes would help weight loss, but ebikes are more effective because of their features and design.

Tips to lose weight riding an ebike

Riding the ebike only for a couple of days doesn’t mean you will lose weight in a couple of days. You may have to dedicate months or some years to have the body you desire. An electric bike makes it easier and more convenient for you to lose some weight. However, there are other activities you should do along with riding your electric bike. Some efficient ways are as follows:

Have a plan before you begin any task

Having a weight loss strategy would make your weight loss goals more realistic. It’s advisable to have a plan that includes how many calories you intend to lose, cycling durations, and meal plans. Furthermore, you can take up a weight loss program or get a personal trainer to achieve your weight loss goals quicker. 

Eat healthily

While you go exercising, you should watch what goes into your body. Consuming adequate food and fluid before, during, and after exercise is necessary. It helps improve recovery time, maintain blood glucose concentration, and maximize exercise performance. Healthy food with protein and fiber would aid your wealth loss like lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts. You can speak to your dietician to recommend a dietary food plan.

Ride for longer hours

Since ebikes are faster and cover more miles in a shorter time, you can always take on more miles to burn more calories. While on vacation, you can go on a long cycling ride with friends for two days or more and burn hundreds of calories. Traveling extra, less stressful miles with your ebike can benefit your health. With your mobile Apps and watches, you can track the number of calories you burn and the distance traveled.

Challenge yourself

As you climb hills and push yourself against gravity to the top, the number of calories you burn increases. The satisfaction you get as you overcome such a challenge keeps you motivated to keep exercising. However, before you climb a mountain trail, get familiar with your ebike and the area. With the help of your electric motor, you can push limits as you don't have to exact much energy while climbing. Also, as you climb, you tend to burn more calories if the wind blows in the opposite direction.

Drink a lot of water

Always carry a bottle while cycling, especially on sunny days, to stay hydrated. Ensure you drink enough water before and after cycling to balance fluid losses. As you ride your ebike, you lose water and mineral salts and stress your muscles; hence you need more water. Whenever you drink water, you feel fuller, making you eat less during meals. Also, two glasses of water before a workout can make you lose about 4.5 kilos or even more.

Eat slowly

Quickly eating your food can eventually cause you to gain weight. Eating more slowly raises the level of the gut hormones that make you feel full, which may aid in consuming fewer calories. According to a study, slow eaters are 42% less likely to become obese than quick eaters. Devouring your meal increases your risk of overeating since your brain doesn't have enough time to register feelings of fullness.

Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike

One significant benefit you get from enjoying cycling outdoors is that you get to explore new places, ride on various routes and even meet new people daily. Electric bikes are quite different from traditional bikes, and one notable brand is the Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bikeIf you need an ebike to lose weight, the Himiway Zebra is a great choice. It weighs 400lbs, which is 45% more than other brands and outperforms the others with a hydraulic disc brake. 

The powerful 750W hub-drive motors can keep you in the range of 60-80 miles per charge. In placing the electric bike vs. traditional bike, the features of the ebikes win by a slide. With Himiway ebikes, you can exercise on any terrain and move on different surfaces thanks to their powerful electric motors. Though riding a bike is good for weight loss, using an ebike is easier and requires lesser energy.

Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike


How often should I eat to lose weight?

Studies show eating five to six daily meals will maximize weight loss. When you eat five times a day, you are merely breaking up your food into smaller meals. This method helps you stay motivated and energized to continue working toward your weight loss goal.

How many calories do I need on average?

The quantity of calories you need to lose weight depends on several factors, including your current weight, exercise level, and health. It's crucial to eat fewer calories than you usually would while trying. Eating lesser calories and exercising more go hand in hand. While attempting to lose weight, you should consume some calories to give your body enough nutrition.


Cycling has many health and other wide range of benefits. Working out with an electric bike is right for you if you enjoy stability and balance while riding an ebike. Electric bicycle your bike helmet, go on longer distances, and enjoy the joy of cycling. However, it is advisable to seek your doctor's opinion to decide whether you are fit enough to go cycling to burn some calories. Research shows that people who weigh less burn fewer calories during exercise or riding, while those who weigh more will burn more.