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Best E-Bike Accessories For Every Electric Bike

Electric bicycles have gradually replaced traditional bikes. From aided pedaling to rechargeable batteries, we are witnessing history as ebikes are now becoming a big deal, and with the increasing demand, they have come to stay. The comfort and class that ebike bring are nothing compared to traditional bikes. After all, everyone wants an easier life, which is the whole idea of technology. 

The new cycling concept has undergone trials of acceptability, and for safety and comfort, there are certain accessories a rider should purchase alongside the ebikes. In most cases, these ebike accessories do not usually come with the electric bike purchase. You should budget some extra cash for these items. 

Best E-bike Accessories | Himiway

The Best E-bike Accessories

Some of them you already know, and others in this article would come to you as an amazing discovery. Regardless of the Himiway electric bike you own, getting these items before you take your e-bike out for a spin puts you at an advantage.

  1. 1. Bike helmet
  2. 2. Rear rack
  3. 3. E-bike foldable chain lock
  4. 4. Multifunctional bike frame bag
  5. 5. Rearview mirror
  6. 6. Headlights
  7. 7. Pouch or bag
  8. 8. E-bike pump
  9. 9. Bottle holder
  10. 10. Loud horn
  11. 11. Comfy seats

Bike helmet

Before your first ride on your electric bike, you must purchase protective gear. You need to ensure your safety while riding. Therefore, you must do everything you can always to protect yourself and your passenger. The Rear Side Warning Helmet has a hard shell and huge air intake to provide all-around protection for your head region and should be the first e-bike accessory you purchase. It comes with integrated bright LED rear lights to suit every riding condition. The e-bike can move fast, and this is a non-negotiable accessory.

Rear rack

The rear rack is a must-have if you always have to carry several items on your ride. It would help to be as light as you can when you ride. The Himiway Big Dog Rear Rack allows you to carry gear, use saddle bags, luggage, and backpack. It takes the weight off your back. Therefore any item that doesn’t fit into a small pack back on your back can be flung into your e-bike’s rear rack. Usually, you have to purchase it separately since a new bike may not come with this accessory. If yours is the Himiway Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike, you can choose to get a bigger rear rack that fits all the items you need to take along with you while commuting.

E-bike foldable chain lock

Money doesn’t fall from trees – at least not the one you used to purchase your electric bike. It would be best to take extra precautions to protect your bike from vandalism and theft. You cannot always be with your bike when you run errands, commute a long distance or go hiking, so a sturdy and durable lock is important. So when you go into a store or a house and leave your bike outside, you are sure to meet it right where you left it. You can take it a step further by getting an anti-theft insurance cover to ensure you are protected.

Multifunctional bike frame bag

Going anywhere without your mobile phone and other valuable items is almost impossible. The multifunctional Bike Frame Bag connects firmly to the ebike's handlebars and gives your phone a safe spot, allowing you to use it hands-free. If you need to make an urgent call while en route, unsure of the way to your destination, or if you need to measure your speed and distance while cycling, your phone would come in handy. Therefore, this bike frame bag is an e-bike accessory you must have. The holder holds the phone tight to ensure its safety, so it doesn’t come off, except you intentionally pull it out of its grip.

Rearview mirror

To remain safe, you need eyes at your back when your ride, but unfortunately, some electric bikes do not come with rearview mirrors. Installing a rearview mirror gives you a better view while riding. The 360° rotatable glass design allows you to adjust to any angle and avoid looking back every five seconds. Watch your back at any time with the E-Bike HD Wide-angle rearview mirror, and you can keep the danger away!


Although many electric bikes come with headlights and brake lights, we still find some without lights, or the lights aren’t bright enough. You can get the Himiway E-bike Headlight that offers a respectable 80 lumens of max's theoretical output, which is more than twice as bright as our traditional headlight. It is okay to seek professional help with fixing a new headlight. Whether riding on the road, mountain, or city street, the super bright LED bike light keeps visible to other road users at night or in foggy weather. The Himiway E-bike Taillight also keeps the bike safe and prevents rear-end collisions when riding at night.

Pouch or bag 

The bike bag can easily be your best e-bike accessory for bag carriers. You can use the combination bike bag as a bike top tube bag, a bike frame bag, and a bike seat bag. It provides a comfortable space to carry all your items. Since the combination bike bag isn’t one of those electric bike parts that come with your ride. You can get choose to install one bike bag or all.

E-bike pump

The handy air compressor might be the most underrated e-bike accessory. Imagine riding around the neighborhood or even up a hill far from home and getting a flat. Apart from the frustration that this comes with, it could also be dangerous to be left high and dry somewhere far away with a flat tire. The design of the hand and foot Himiway E-bike pump is to save the day in times like this. You can use it to inflate and gauge your tires to the exact air pressure that is safe for you. This air compressor is portable and can be tossed into your backpack or the bike’s front pouch and left there to serve you in an emergency.

Bottle holder

Staying healthy is the aim, and an electric bike with a bottle holder makes it easy. You must stay hydrated, whether just working out or commuting for several hours. The aluminum alloy Himiway water bottle holder has a grip that can hold your bottle firmly. Getting a bottle holder attached to your e-bike makes it easy to gulp water at regular intervals while riding.

Loud horn

You want other road users to know you are on the road, and there are several tips to adopt to ensure this visibility. Seeing that you might appear relatively small compared to other vehicles, getting a horn that blasts loudly can help herald your presence. This accessory would save you so much stress and financial burden.

Comfy seats

Your electric bike gives you the liberty and liberty to pimp it to your taste. Apart from the seat not being very comfortable to sit on from the point of purchase, you customize the boring designs and colors to suit your style. You want to be able to pick up your bike with so much pride and excitement. If you are not very satisfied with the seat that comes with your bike, you can get a more comfy and stylish replacement.

e-bike accessories are necessary


The best e-bike accessories aren’t always luxury but are also necessary. The importance of these items varies per rider, but they go a long way to promoting safety. Depending on the primary use of the bike and the location where you aim to use your ebikes, there are ebike laws and regulations to learn.