Best Tips for Cycling in Autumn

Best Tips for Cycling in Autumn

Some cyclists avoid riding their ebikes in the summer due to the heat and sweat. It's a relief that the weather finally cools after the summer's scorching heat. The Fall weather offers perfect conditions for cycling, as the weather is not too cold or hot. The leaves turn green to yellow and red as you cycle. These colorful leaves give the trails and landscape a beautiful appearance.

With proper planning, there's no reason not to get the most out of every time you spend on the bike before winter hits. This Fall, choose the Himiway Cobra electric mountain bike for mountain biking. It’s perfect for off-roading and absorbs the bumps on trails. Cycling in the Fall helps you enjoy the outdoors, lose weight, and keep fit

Upgrade your ebike

Planning can ensure that you make the most of every bike ride before winter arrives. Here are some bike riding tips for you during the Fall:

Upgrade your ebike 

During the Fall, you would need to get some essential ebike accessories that would make your ride smooth. Some electric bicycles, such as Himiway ebikes, come with accessories like fenders. Having these accessories gives you the maximum comfort and the safety you need.


Some ebikes come with fenders, while others don't. After the rains, road trails may still be slick, and you can add fenders to your electric bike to keep you dry and clean. Fenders or mud flaps would ensure that you are comfortable as you cycle. Regarding fenders, you must get the right one that fits your electric bike. You can purchase the Himiway E-bike Full Fenders to prevent muddy waters off your back and tires.

Fat tires

During the Fall, consider getting a more robust tire, as the road conditions may be bad after the rains. Fat tires would keep you on rough terrains more than thinner tires. It would be best if you had tires suitable for wet grounds, mountain trails, city roads, and forest paths. An all-terrain electric fat bike would come in handy in increasing your ebike's traction, giving you comfort on various terrains. These puncture-resistance tires would help reduce the number of flat tires you would have as you ride.


Lights ensure your safety, especially while riding in dark areas. When purchasing headlights, check the brightness and weight. You may need to add more head and tail lights during the Fall, as the weather may be gloomy at night and for you to be visible to other commuters. The Himiway E-bike Headlights would give you proper illumination in any weather cycling. These headlights are compatible with the Cruiser and Step Thru ebikes.

E-bike Headlights

Cycling gear

The Fall places extra demand on your clothing as the weather gets windier and colder. You would need to dress a certain to cover up and wear some protective clothing. It is best to prepare for the changing conditions. Some essential gear includes:

Layer up clothing

You need to dress appropriately for the weather. Since the temperature during the Fall isn't too hot or cold, it's advisable to wear clothes in layers so you can easily remove them whenever you want. Although you wouldn't require a winter coat, you may wear a few accessories to add warmth and shield you from the elements. Some jerseys are water resistant which would keep the rain off. While some others have high-tech fabrics to help regulate your temperature and keep you dry.


As you ride your ebike during the Fall, ensure you wear relatively lightweight waterproof shoes. Cycling shoes feel more rigid than other types of footwear. Your cycling shoes support your legs as you push the pedals, enabling you to maximize the force your legs are producing.


Protecting your hands from the rain and cold is essential to keep your feet dry and warm. Numerous hand gloves are available, each with various degrees of insulation and weather protection. Some are from windproof materials. You can also use waterproof gloves if you want to ride in the rain. The Himiway Waterproof Cycling Gloves are compatible with all the Himiway long-range electric bikes to protect and keep your hands warm.

Knee covers

Knee pads give you the security you need when riding through various terrains and prevent you from falling. Professional cyclists typically use knee pads as a vital safety measure to provide a comfortable and secure ride. As you go mountain biking on your electric mountain bike, using your knee pads protects and supports your knees from falls and rocks.

Regular Maintenance

The muddy, rainy roads kick up a lot of dirt, making your ebike chain and other parts dirty. Ensure you clean your electric bike frequently for a pleasant ride to prevent dirt buildup on the chains. You should do routine checking and cleaning of your gears, brakes, and other moving parts to prolong the lifespan of your e-bike. Dirt will build up on the chains when the weather changes in the Fall. Remove the battery beforehand to avoid freezing water while washing the bike below-freezing temperatures. Keep your e-bike as clean as possible by using a soft cloth to wipe away dirt from the chain after each ride.

Mind the terrain

Fall is one of the best times to go cycling. However, you have to be mindful of road conditions. The foliage leaves may look attractive but have a slippery cover for sharp objects. Overcoming these hazards is easy – you should slow down around corners and focus on the road ahead. Also, take extra caution with the type of ground you ride on to avoid you falling off your electric bike. An all-terrain bike would give you the comfort and firmness you need.

Keep your items safe with a waterproof bag

There is no need to pack some extra clothing if they get wet in your bag. The Himiway Escape Delivery Bag is waterproof and will ensure your gadgets and other items are safe as you ride, even in the rain. It can hold a lot of gear and can be easily attached to the side of your Himiway Big Dog Rear Rack.

Stay hydrated

Lastly, as you cycle, it helps you stay hydrated. Cycling is a form of exercise that requires energy. Regardless of the bike type, you need to drink lots of water on the go. You can also take some sports drinks to keep you hydrated. Whenever you are properly hydrated, you function better. Moreover, water helps eliminate waste and regulate your body temperature. You need to drink water while cycling because it provides cushions for your joints, improving your cycling performance.


The Fall is a great season to go cycling and enjoy the mild temperatures. Even with proper preparation, the weather can be a deciding factor. Hence, ensure you check the weather forecast to prepare for changes that may occur. Following the tips listed above while riding your all-terrain or long-range electric bike go a long way to ensure you enjoy the outdoors. If you currently don't own an ebike, you can check the Himiway bikes and find the best accessories you need this Fall. The seven range of all-terrain bikes is the best you would find in the market today.