Choose The Best Electric Bike

How To Choose The Best Electric Bike For You

Since electric bikes are dependable and efficient to ride, you should get one. It provides a means to reach your destination faster and travel without fuel. As more people buy electric bikes, manufacturers are adding more sophisticated features to their range of bikes. Due to the fast-moving technological advancement in the industry, several electronic bikes are available for all types of cyclists.

If you're looking for the best electric bike, search no further, as the Himiway brand has a range of electric bikes to suit your needs. Ebikes differ for various terrains and purposes. Some ebike tires are more suitable for city roads, while the designs of others are for rocky terrain surfaces. Regardless, the Himiway cruiser electric fat bike is an all-terrain ebike, and you can ride on any surface without stress.

Before purchasing an electric bike, you should do some research. There are classes, types, and shopping tips before choosing an ebike.

E-bike Classifications

Electric bikes are in various classes according to their motor assistance. The types are as follows:

  • Class 1

Using a Class 1 electric bike is advisable if you are a beginner. Though this ebike's motor works when you pedal and stops when it's at 20mph, class 1 ebikes are affordable. These types have no throttle control to keep them going.

  • Class 2

The electric bikes classified as class 2 have a throttle-powered mode and pedal assist mode that works up to 20mph. Himiway electric bikes are an example of class 2 ebikes with a top speed of 25 to 28mph. You can select your maximum speed and track it on your LCD, which shows distance, speed, and power.

  • Class 3

The only difference between class 3 and class 1 is that the class 3 pedal assist works up to 28mph. The class 3 electric bikes are usually compelling and fast compared to class 1 and class 2 ebikes.

Types of Electric Bikes

Common Types of Electronic Bikes

Like traditional bicycles, electric bikes are also of various types. Each has its specific purpose and features. However, all Himiway fat tire ebikes are best for exercise, as it helps you keep fit and burn calories. The following are the standard electric bike in the market:

  • City bikes

City bikes are ebikes built majorly for transportation rather than for athletic purposes. These commuter bikes have comfortable seats and a straight handlebar. City bikes allow you seat upright rather than lean forward. Furthermore, city bikes are best for asphalt surfaces and paved roads around the city and town. City bikes are for you if you want to ride without stress and at a lesser speed.

  • Mountain bikes   

Get an electric mountain bike if you plan to cycle on rough terrains, uneven paths, and dirt trails. The tires of mountain bikes are wide and more expensive than road bikes. Mountain bikes are built with shock absorbers and have full suspension. They also have heavy frames, multiple gears, suspension systems, and rugged tires. The Himiway Cobra electric mountain bike provides puncture-resistant tires for riding on mountain trails and helps you stay firm on rocky surfaces.

  • Cargo bikes

Besides carrying only the rider, cargo bikes can take cargo and passengers. You can add some additional accessories to a cargo bike. Either a long rack is behind, or a box is in front. Cargo bikes have strong frames, wide tires, and large components. Also, cargo bikes are way heavier. The Himiway Big Dog electric cargo bike has a multifunctional extra-large rear rack that can carry both cargo and children. It also has a pedal assist system that adjusts power according to road conditions.

  • Road bikes

An electric road bike is among the most popular ebikes. These bikes are fast, long-range, and primarily used on paved roads. Road bikes have lighter rims and fewer spokes than mountain bikes, and their wheels are not as wide. The tires have a slick or near-slick tread that reduces the rolling resistance of road bikes. Thus, road bikes are also known as racing bikes.

  • Beach cruiser

The beach cruiser or a cruiser bike is best for leisure rides and short trips. One notable feature of a cruiser bike is its more comfortable riding position made possible by its frame. Their balanced and durable structure can withstand rough surfaces of sandy beaches and trails, mainly when the terrain is relatively flat. The wide handlebars and extra padded saddles are most suitable if you want to promote a good body posture.

  • Folding ebikes

Folding ebikes are easily movable and can fit into the trunk of a car. They can be folded into a compact shape, making storage easier in small apartments. Although they have a distinctive design, folding bikes nonetheless have the same features as conventional ebikes. Moreover, the folding nature of these bikes makes them more secure than traditional bikes.

How to Choose the Best E-Bike | Himiway

How to Choose the Best E-Bike

With technologies evolving rapidly, choosing the right electric bike is quite challenging. There are many factors to consider before purchasing an electric bike. Some factors to consider include:

  • 1. Large capacity Batteries: 

Though some ebike kits have batteries, you should check for the battery capacity when buying an ebike. Going for bikes with a large battery capacity, such as the 48V 20Ah Himiway battery, is quite helpful because it allows you to go faster and farther. It serves as the deciding factor for the other ebike components. Thus, a battery's cost and power capacity can determine its quality.

  • 2. E-bike motor location: 

The motors of an ebike are either in between the cranks or in the rear wheel hub. An ebike is more effective when the motor and sensor are in the same place. Look out for this when selecting your electric bike.

  • 3. Riding range: 

The riding range of your electric bicycle is subject to several factors, including the battery capacity, the rider's weight, the cargo's weight, and others. A higher battery capacity allows for more riding range. The Himiway electric bicycles have batteries to go as far as 60 to 80miles per charge, which is higher than most ebikes.

Shopping Tips

Apart from checking the battery capacity, motor, and range, other factors to consider while buying an electric bike are:


There are different bikes brand, and the one you are purchasing your ebike is essential to the quality. Himiway is a trustworthy brand with a seven-ebike long range for individuals. The Himiway bike uses Samsung cells, one of the best manufacturers of long-lasting power sources. The batteries are durable and efficient. Also, Himiway offers its customers excellent services through its customer support system.


Since buying an ebike is a significant investment. In case of defects, you can rest assured that your investment is covered. All Himiway products have a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects on batteries and frames. However, this excludes free accessories and components such as Brake pads, spokes, rotors, Tires/tubes, Chains, Chain rings, Cassettes, and Crank-set.


The ebikes are becoming the most suitable vehicle for commuting and accessing difficult-to-reach places. Therefore, before choosing the best ebike for you, doing proper research is essential. It gives you detailed information about the type of ebike you want. Researching helps you learn more about your purchase choice and ensures you get the best that suits your needs. Look through the Himiway range of ebikes to get the best out of an ebike today that fits your lifestyle and long-term needs.