Ebike vs. Car: Is it Possible to Replace a Car with an Electric Bike?

Ebike vs. Car: Is it Possible to Replace a Car with an Electric Bike?

Different strokes for different folks are the most valid term when making comparisons subject to individual preferences, especially considering the numerous factors influencing their choices. Most of us have become too accustomed to cars being one of the most used means of transportation, so we tend to reject other options that have popped up through the years.

After witnessing the invention of cars, power bikes, electric bicycles, and others of different models, the question is if there’s a suitable replacement for cars. While there is no direct answer for this, we can weigh the available options and see the best fit. Of course, with the popularity of the ebikes, there are many factors to consider before such a change. For instance, the weather, the terrain, the maintenance cost, and others can influence our choices. Before replacing your car with an electric bike, reflect on the facts below.

Pros of Electric bikes

Pros of Electric bikes

Pocket-friendly maintenance: 

Ebikes are not expensive to maintain overall as they require little investments in accessories, insurance cover, registration fees, etc. It might be an expensive initial purchase compared to some cars, but you would save a lot of costs in the long run. In the end, you would have spent less on cost and maintenance, which is one significant electric bike pro.

Keeps you fit and healthy

Ebikes are great at implementing workouts, so you achieve two goals. One is to get to your destination, and the other is to exercise your body and lose weight. Electric bikes come with pedal assist, but it's an excellent way to keep fit and healthy. It improves your cardiovascular functions, and this is something cars do not offer.

Helps you maneuver traffic

If you reside in a traffic-prone region, you must own at least one ebike. This is one electric bike pro you enjoy because you would not be restricted to the major roads and highways while you ride. You can always ply alternative routes that would take you to your destination much faster. Another plus is that some roads have a lane dedicated to bikes. Therefore, you can ride without worrying about obstruction from other vehicles.

Cons of Electric bikes

Expensive purchase

E-bikes do not come cheap. They cost a lot at the initial purchase. So before you consider buying one, you should think it through while considering other factors. It might not be as expensive as a good car, but understandably, an ebike costs more than traditional bikes. Remember, you still need to buy additional Himiway Electric Bike Accessories that may not come with the ebike to ensure a good experience.

Constant charging required

Since ebikes are not a hundred percent manual and do not run on gas, they need consistent charging with electricity when due. You can always charge at home if you live close to where you ride. The Samsung/LG cells with 48V 20Ah Lithium-ion Himiway batteries can travel farther than others. Therefore, charging should not be much of a concern. But if you get a rental bike while visiting a city, you can avoid this challenge by lookout for an outdoor electrical socket that is safe enough for a quick charge.

Different laws for different states

Ebikes are recent innovations, gaining popularity in different states. The laws governing them are still new, and residents and just embracing the change. From helmet laws to licensing to traffic signs, you need to familiarize yourself with the current applicable ebike laws and regulations in the location you choose to ride. Some states have specific types of e-bikes permitted in that location. Pay attention to know if yours is good to go.

Pros of a Car

More convenience

When convenience is compulsory, cars are your go-to option. You don’t worry about pedaling in a car, as movement is stressless. Another thing you won’t have to worry about is whether it will be a bumpy ride. It usually is a smoother sail when compared to the e-bike. 

No charging required

Cars run on gas while ebikes run on battery. This goes on to say that once you have a full tank, you can drive your vehicle to any length without fearing the need for a recharge. Ebikes can only go so far, even with a fully charged battery. They come with the stress of making you always be on the lookout for an outdoor socket while you ride.

Higher speed limit

Ebikes generally are restricted when it comes to how fast they can go. They have much lower speed limits than cars for obvious reasons, and these limits vary from state to state. If you are hurrying to your destination, you may have to get your e-bike into your trunk and consider getting a car to take you there much faster and easier.

Cons of a Car

High cost of purchase

Apart from the high amount you pay to get a car, you are never really done purchasing it. There is always necessary maintenance, an accessory to buy, and so on. You would have spent more money than you probably bargained for in the long run. A car is not the solution if you are a miser on a tight budget.

High maintenance cost

When you think of how much electric bikes cost to purchase and maintain, you will erase every thought about owning a car. Ebikes are undoubtedly more cost-effective than most cars, so cars should not be an option if you are on a budget. 

No workouts

Do not be deceived; you cannot attempt to exercise in a car because the real work is in the pedaling of the bike. As you go hiking, mountain climbing, and so on, you burn calories, not tires, so a car isn’t your best bet at working out.

Choosing the right transport for yourself

Now that we have deep-dived cars vs. bikes, we hope you have decided which you are ditching and replacing. If you are still finding it difficult to make up your mind, here are some pointers to guide you.

What's the cost? 

You don’t need to rob a bank for the opportunity to move around, and an e-bike costs way lower than high-end cars. Even the renowned Himiwy Big Dog electric cargo bike costs CAD 2,700, which is way lower than most high-end cars. 

What's your location? 

If you stay in a traffic-prone area, an e-bike would be your saving grace when you must get to your destination in time. You can also get the all-terrain electric bikes and venture on your off-road trips.

What's the purpose? 

There are various reasons to own an ebike. Even as electric bicycles conveniently serve to aid transportation, it’s also means of exercise for others. Some even choose the ebikes for hunting. But regardless of your decision to get the electric bicycle, it’s a versatile means of transportation and a much better investment than cars. 

Environmentally friendly? 

Ebikes do very little harm to the environment. Better than cars and other vehicles with combustion engines, they use rechargeable batteries for ease of recycling. Encouraging an increasing use of this innovation leaves the environment safer for all.


After carefully looking at the pros and cons of electric bikes, it shouldn't be challenging to decide. Although cars are still the most popular means of road transportation, the ebikes offer enough to ensure the planet is cleaner and safer.

When purchasing your electric bicycle, remember that Himiway bikes are always an excellent choice for ebikes. There is a wide range of options for you to pick from, and you can be sure of getting the best quality.