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Which is Better, Electric Bikes or Mopeds?

The ebike is easily your best travel companion if you love the outdoors. Since bikes can determine your cycling experience, it’s impossible to limit them to a mere means of movement. The electric bikes come in different designs, allowing you to select from the various options based on your lifestyle and preference. However, it’s not uncommon to see arguments comparing electric bikes to mopeds.

You can travel faster through obstacles with a moped or an electric bike. Although the electric bike and mopeds have a motor that aids movement, they still have specific features to remain different. Mopeds have limited ability but may provide more comfort for long distances. On the other hand, the fat tire electric bike is the best to conquer all terrains.

When selecting a means to venture, it's advisable to take your time and consider all the available alternatives. When comparing electric bikes vs. mopeds, what are the main differences? The following are some reasons to determine whether you purchase an electric bike or a moped.

What is an Electric Bike?

What's Ebikes? | Himiway

An electric bike is a bicycle with a throttle or pedal assist powered by batteries. With minimal effort, you can ride your electronic motorcycle. Many modes are available on electric bikes, allowing you to balance the amount of power going through the pedals with range and battery life. These bikes have excellent coverage and can go farther than ordinary bikes. Ebikes also have highly efficient lithium-ion batteries, making them faster and more durable. The design of the Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike not only gives you exceptional comfort but also combines unparalleled flexibility to complex cycling conditions. By offering exceptional comfort on all forms of terrain, this famous ebike remains the top choice among all-terrain electric bikes

What is a moped?

On the other hand, a moped is a two- or three-wheeled vehicle with at least two wheels and an engine smaller than 50cc. Mopeds, which have a foot platform to rest your legs as you ride, are sometimes known as "sit-down scooters." Even though mopeds have advanced technologically, making them more sophisticated than earlier models, they use combustion engines, making them less eco-friendly than the ebikes. 

What are the differences Between a moped and an electric bike?

Depending on your lifestyle, a moped or an electric bike are great trip options. The following are electric bike vs. moped differences: 

Environmentally friendly:  

Since an electric bike is battery-powered, It's a greener alternative. These ebikes don't emit zero toxins into the environment and little to zero sound, making them an excellent choice for outdoor trips. Unlike mopeds which run on diesel or gas, they release carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Driving Regulations: 

Since mopeds have been in the market for so long, they are considered motor vehicles. Moped regulations and rules are stricter than e-bikes, as you need a driver's license or a scooter license for moped riders. However, electric bikes are getting popular with milder restrictions worldwide. Before venturing with electric bikes through rough terrains, it would be best to be on the safe side to check your territory's ebike laws and regulations. The ebike is an excellent choice for off-roading on your excursions.

Price differences: 

Electric bikes are more expensive than mopeds. The prices of ebikes are high due to their battery prices and electric motor. Himiway ebikes use a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery to go incredibly longer distances of 60-80 miles. While mopeds have existed longer than electric bikes, it’s cheaper than the ebikes. But since the ebike runs on battery, they need less maintenance. 

Health benefits: 

If you want a flexible riding experience and at the same time keep fit, an ebike is what you need. As you cycle, you can use both human and electric energy to propel. A moped is not a good choice if you aim to purchase a vehicle for exercise since it doesn't require physical exaction when riding.

Power source: 

Electric bikes run on rechargeable batteries like lithium-ion, while the moped relies on gasoline. A gas-powered moped might be the best option if you want a speedy commuter vehicle with excellent performance and don't mind crowded streets or high fuel prices.


Mopeds weigh more than electric bikes, which makes a moped harder to carry from one place to another. The Himiway electric bikes weigh as low as 72 lbs. A petrol moped weighs about 280 to 350 lbs. Depending on the motor and material frame, a battery-powered bike will always weigh lower to ensure you can easily move them in and out of your truck.

The Benefits of Moped

The moped offers you some of the following benefits:

Travel further: 

An electric moped is a feasible alternative to vehicles and cars for longer journeys. Traveling long trips on a moped is more manageable than an ebike for extra road speed. Their top speed is an average of 45 km/h, while e-bikes can cover about 25–35km/h.

Low theft rate: 

Mopeds are cheaper. Therefore, the rate of theft of mopeds is lower when compared to electric bikes. They can be easily traced and are pretty heavy.

Requires less physical effort: 

Mopeds provide convenience and sufficient comfort for cyclists. Unlike an ebike, you don't have to use your physical strength while you ride your moped.

More storage space: 

With a moped, you don't need to bother about storage space. Mopeds have a storage area under the leg shield or seat for your personal belongings or helmet.


When comparing mopeds to other vehicles and bikes, mopeds are incredibly safe. Also, mopeds are simpler to operate because all you need to do is steer and apply the brake. In just a few hours, you can learn how to control them.

Pros for choosing ebikes

Pros for choosing ebikes

The following are some advantages that an e-bike has over e-mopeds:

Health benefits: 

Research suggests electric bikes enhance fitness more effectively than conventional cycles. Since your ebike has pedal assist like regular bicycles, you burn calories as you ride around. Cycling an ebike doesn't only help you physically but also mentally.

Fast and flexible: 

The electric bike's technology allows you to navigate rugged terrain. Thus, you tend to go farther and faster while covering great distances in less time. Compared to mopeds, the ebikes can travel to a lot more places, including bike lanes, sidewalks, and even off-road areas in parks.


Mopeds are much heavier than ebikes. Even though they are much lighter than their petrol equivalents, the battery and engine make the standard gasoline moped weigh about 185 pounds. A typical electric bike weighs 40 to 80 lbs.


Climate change is an important topic right now. Using a battery-powered bike can help reduce pollution. An ebike emits no toxic pollution and travels longer kilometers than mopeds.


The mopeds and electric bikes are great for commuting as they each have various advantages. Mopeds may have been the most common choice for riders for years. However, Electric bikes have evolved to become the most sophisticated bikes you can ride across cities, parks, or mountainous areas over time. The Himiway brand offers a fantastic range of electric bikes you can find in the market today that can travel further on a single battery. The Himiway ebikes with battery 48V 20Ah, and long-stricken trekking 60-80miles, are the best option for longer trips.