How to Avoid Flat Tires When Riding an Electric Bike

How to Avoid Flat Tires When Riding an Electric Bike?

One major cause of delay in transit is flat tires. Like any other automobile, the electric bike can develop a flat tire without any prior indication. For safety, riders must be knowledgeable about the general workings of an electric bicycle, especially on a high level. 

Fixing a flat tire bike is not so different from how you fix the one on the traditional bicycle – Same trick, same process. But it is even more advisable to go preventive than curative in most cases. In this case, instead of losing valuable time trying to fix a flat tire, you can prevent the tires of your electric bike from going flat. 

We would carefully consider some simple ways one can avoid flat tires when riding an electric bike. These tips would come in handy even for owners who don’t ride their bikes often but keeps them indoors most of the time. The idea, after all, is preventive and not curative.

What is a flat tire?

Most likely, all of us must have had a flat tire experience at some point or another. It’s usually not a pleasant and convenient experience. If a rider sets out before noticing a flat tire, they could end up stranded. A flat tire can cause unnecessary and avoidable delays. As riders, it’s important always to pay attention to the tiny details. In extreme cases, a flat tire can also cause road accidents, especially when you do not identify it in time. Sharp road debris is the main cause of the punctures that lead to a flat tire. An ebike tire goes flat when the air pressure drops considerably low, usually below 20 PSI.

Layers of electric bicycle tires

The critical hack you should never forget when dealing with an ebike tire is that the rear tire is more prone to getting flat than the front tire. This is because a typical ebike tire is heavy, and most of the bike’s weight rests on the rear tire of the electric bicycle. 

That said, there are four main layers of electric bike tires of good quality.

Puncture protection:

Even though not all electric bike tires come with this part, it’s said to be responsible for the durability of the e-bike. This layer of the tire is also the ‘breaking belt.’  Therefore, you shouldn’t get confused when you hear or read about it.

Tire casing:

This layer consist of several nylon fibers arranged tightly and carefully layered with rubber to provide the e-bike tire with the much-needed thickness. These fibers are arched at a 45° angle to the tire bead. The tire casing is the base of the tire’s tread, and the measurement is in TPI (threads per inch).

Tire bead:

The tire bead is usually closer to the rim than any other part or layer of the tire. The buildup of the bead is flexible, allowing it to be folded or twisted as the manufacturer pleases to fit it into the rim. The tire bead consists of strands of firmly woven threads made of Aramid fibers. This fiber is lightweight but long-lasting and is mainly used in luxury bikes, making the bikes a bit pricey.

Bike tire treads

The bike tire tread is the outer layer that always has physical contact with the road. It’s the part with more potential to suffer wear and tear if not properly maintained.

E-bike tires Vs. Traditional bike tires

All Terrain Electric Bikes | Himiway

Let’s be clear – not all tires are the same. Each manufacturer builds the tires based on the type of automobile and intended usage. Here are some differences between the tires of an ebike and that of a traditional bike.

Since the ebikes move faster than traditional bikes, the housing of the tires is stronger and more rigid to help resist the heat energy emitted during fast motion. The Himiway Zebra all-terrain electric bike has fat tires sized at 26” X 4.”

Also, ebikes tend to slide off the road because of their high-speed capacity. Therefore the tires require a thicker grooving to encourage friction between the tires and the road at top speed. This is not the case with traditional bike tires.

The fat tires of the Himiway electric bikes have thicker threads to avoid some inevitable sharp objects and potholes on the road during a trip. The size helps a great deal to control the number of punctures on the e-bikes’ tires that traditional bike tires can't avoid. 

Owning the Himiway Cobra electric mountain bike makes it difficult to stay uninterested in venturing into a few off-road adventures. Since you will likely ride a legendary of this sort with 20” X 4.8” tires more frequently and for longer hours than the regular traditional bike, the tires have rubber compound layers to manage wear and tear. 

From constant brake action to accelerating for long distances through unbalanced terrains, the all-terrain e-bike tires can resist and hold more pressure in a generous amount to deal with the heavy weight of the bike. While the ebike’s weight compresses the tires, the air pressure is a form of resistance. This is where your PSI preference comes into play because it has to be high enough to cushion the effect of the bike’s weight and torque. The traditional bikes are not as heavy, so they do not require increased air pressure to operate. 

Common causes of a flat tire

Here are some flat tire causes:

Temperature level: 

Driving during summer or when the sun is at its maximum can lead to the expansion of the air in the tire, which in turn will cause an increase in the tire’s internal weight. All these can amount to a flat tire, so you must always consider the weather condition 

Intentional damage: 

A flat tire can result from vandalism or damage caused by someone who knows the tricks of deflating a tire. 

Tire bead leaks: 

In a situation where the air starts leaking from the tire’s rim where the tire bead is, the air pressure in the tire will reduce, leading to a flat tire.

Overinflated tires: 

Do not think pumping your e-bike tires to excessive levels can prevent your tires from going flat. The reverse is the case. Overinflated tires put more pressure on the components and layers of the tires, leading to deflation or even pop.

Sharp object: 

Regardless of the toughness of the ebike, riders have no control over the objects they encounter on the road. There might be shattered glasses, nails, broken bottles, etc., on the bike’s path, which is unavoidable in most cases as abrupt swerving can cause even more harm. Even a flat tire is almost inevitable when these sharp objects come in contact with the ebike tires.  

Broken tire valve: 

The tire valve of an e-bike is the channel through which air pumps into the tire. Some air leaks if this component is damaged, causing a flat tire. 

Ways to avoid flat tires on your ebike

  1. 1. It would be best to change all old tires when it’s due. If your bike is in high use, the tires are prone to wear and tear, so you should check and change all worn-out tires before hitting the road.
  2. 2. Maintaining optimal air pressure in your tire is a sure way to avoid a flat tire. The pressure should be between the mid and upper range of the standard gauge for bikes.
  3. 3. Buying the best tire quality and upgrading your ebike tires is another trick to avoid flat tires. Invest in quality e-bike tires and worry less about having a flat tire.
  4. 4. Your e-bike needs some pampering, so you should be particular about where and how you operate your bike. You must try as much as possible to avoid riding on the side of the road where litter and sharp objects can puncture the tire. Exploring more on the open road, where it’s litter-free, can save you the stress of a flat tire.


Even though these tips can come in handy, it’s advisable to always check your ebike tires before hitting the road. As a rider, you should have basic knowledge of the general maintenance of a bike because you can expect a few testing on different occasions. You should at least know about checking and gauging the air pressure in the tire, fixing a flat tire on a bike, how to let excess air out of the tire valve, and so on. 

Also, it would help if you could take your electric bike to an expert workshop monthly for a proper routine checkup. Doing this would take your future stress and give you the best experience with your electric bike.