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How Far Can You Go on a Himiway Bike Battery?

One significant factor to consider when purchasing an electric bike is the battery. It can determine the maximum speed, the range it can go, and the weight of an ebike. Most ebikes on the market use lithium-ion batteries, which efficiently produce electricity through chemical processes.

The Himiway ebikes use Samsung/LG cells, one of the best manufacturers of long-lasting power sources, and slow energy-releasing lithium batteries. These batteries ensure that your ebike's range is ideal and doesn't run out too quickly. Hence, the Himiway lithium-ion batteries are one of the most advanced products on the market. In addition, they are easy to install and lightweight.

If you bike regularly, you would have noticed that your total cycling distance varies from time to time. The difference is due to the range, which is the maximum distance you can cycle before running out of battery. Consider all intrinsic and external influences to maximize your electric bike's range. Also, proper charging and maintenance increase the battery's lifespan, thereby improving your ebike range capacity.

Intrinsic Factors That Affect Range

Ebike Battery

Several factors affect a battery's range. Some of these factors are the specs of the ebike, and these include:

  • Battery Capacity

The amount of energy the battery cells store determines the range of the ebike. The larger the battery capacity, the further distance you'll be able to travel. The Himiway electric bike has a Removable Samsung/ LG Cells 48V 20Ah Lithium-ion Battery that charges for an average of 6 to 9 hours with a charging capacity of 900 complete charge cycles before requiring any replacement. The LCD on the ebike shows the information on mileage, power, speed, and so on.

  • Type of battery

When purchasing your ebike, properly check the battery's capacity, as it determines the range and other functions. Whenever you don't recharge your batteries, it doesn't only reduce the battery range but the total battery capacity, which consequently shortens the battery life span. The ebike battery has to be charged immediately after discharge. If your ebike's battery isn't giving you the ideal range, you may have to replace it. Hence, your electric bike would have a shorter range when it gets older. Luckily you can get the Himiway replacement battery when you need one.

  • Tires

As tires carry the weight of the bicycle and the rider, it provides friction between the terrain and the ebike while riding. Bigger tires are thicker, whereas thinner tires come in different sizes. Himiway bikes have varieties of electric bikes as well as tires. The Himiway all-terrain fat tires are best for commuting on different terrains with more puncture protection and traction. At the same time, thin tires are best suited for smooth roads but have higher pressure and rolling resistance. The range affects both tire types.

External Factors That Affect Range

Not all factors are attributes of the bike itself. The ebikes can have their range limited by some external factors. These includes: 

  • Weather condition

The weather elements affect the range of your electric bike. The electric bike battery stores more energy at a high temperature, making your travel distance faster. The battery's efficiency would be affected when it's at its extremes. You would get the best range in a warmer environment.

  • Total Weight

An ebike's range can reduce due to its load capacity and rider's weight. When transporting cargo or passengers, remember that you will have to pedal harder or boost your assistance level, which will drain the battery faster. The more weight the motor is required to assist, the shorter the range, which lowers the travel distance. The Himiway bike has aluminum frames. This material makes the electric bike lightweight, strong, and easy to use, which increases the range.

  • Terrain

The type of terrain you cycle upon is another factor that determines your range. Cycling on a flat terrain requires lesser effort than on a steep surface. Traveling more on a mountain trail or going off-road lowers your range than on smoother paths. Learning about the all-terrain electric bikes can help to guide your choice when purchasing the ebike for off-road adventures.

  • Riding Style

Frequently stopping and starting consumes your battery's power and affect the length of your trip on a single charge. When commuting in a big city, it is impossible to avoid these stops. To make your starting speed slower when you want to move forward, move to a lower gear and help your ebike start instead of using your high assistance level. The gear change will significantly affect how well your electric bike battery functions.

All-terrain Electric Bikes

Range and battery capacity of Himiway bikes

The range of ebikes primarily depends on the battery, the motor, and the ebike’s model. Depending on your riding style, the Himiway bikes range between 60-80 miles on a single charge, while regular electric bikes on the market can only reach between 25 to 45 miles. 

The electric bike's battery is the most crucial component; the Himiway electric bicycles have Samsung/ LG Lithium-ion 48V 20Ah batteries weighing 9 lbs. Furthermore, it has an improved charging capacity for efficient performance, which is 43% larger than other brands.

The legendary Himiway Cobra Pro fully eletric mountain bike is one Himiway Electric bicycle for adults with advanced features. This ebike has the Himiway battery 48V 20Ah, a coil, and a four-bar linkage suspension. Generally, all the Himiway battery-operated bikes have a two-year battery warranty.

Tips for extending the range of your E-bike

To maximize battery life and extend your E-bike's range, follow these tips:

Reduce overweight:

To extend your ebike's range, you should always travel lightweight for the motor to generate less power. Before you cycle, ensure you only carry essential items.

Select the right route:

While cycling, try to avoid unnecessary stops, which would cost you more time and travel distance. Also, while cycling, choose suitable terrains like smooth surfaces. Passing through a very steep mountain would require more energy from you.

Ride in Eco mode:

Eco mode delivers the lowest amount of pedaling support and uses the least amount of energy. When you put your gear at the highest power, your battery will drain faster than on a lower setting.

Choose the right tires and tire pressure:

Check your tire pressure regularly before, cycling-especially when going on long-distance trips. Having the proper tire pressure minimizes rolling resistance. This is because an ebike develops maximum moving features with the right tires.

Ride on the right pedaling frequency:

Your battery consumption is affected by how fast you bike. If you ride in the highest gear, you're likely to be faster and thus use up more battery power. Ensure you pedal at the proper frequency to ride farther and conserve battery.

Charge battery after use:

If you want to maximize how far your battery lasts as it ages, don't allow it to run out of power before charging completely. It has been shown from research that Lithium-ion batteries work well when recharged from 50%.


How long does an ebike battery last?

An electric bike battery should typically last for 5 to 10 years. The years can be lower or higher depending on the brand. Himiway beats the market by offering some long-lasting batteries for ebikes and quality components like the frame, battery, motor, tires, and chains. 

How can I make my ebike battery last longer?

Some factors that make your ebike battery last longer include maintenance and proper storage. An ebike with a Lithium-ion battery will lose its efficiency around 500 charging cycles.


Himiway has about seven long-range electric bike lines up, providing you best options for commuting long distances. These electronic bikes are known for their high quality. The ebike brand strikes the perfect balance between range and efficiency. The Himiway bikes have a long-range, as the battery life depends on several factors. These batteries reduce environmental risks making them more suited for you to use.