Speed and Style: Aventon Level 2 vs. Himiway Zebra - Which Electric Bike Takes the Lead?

Speed and Style: Aventon Level 2 vs. Himiway Zebra - Which Electric Bike Takes the Lead?

E-bikes have become increasingly prevalent with the consistent change in time and trends. The Roundup reports that 3.7 million E-bikes were sold in 2019, an estimated 300 million E-bikes would be in use at the end of 2023, and by 2024, this could rise to 10 million annual sales. These numbers testify that E-bikes are gradually becoming 'household items.'

The reason behind the exponential growth of the E-bike industry is not farfetched; E-bikes offer many benefits that other means of transportation do not—for instance, fitness, environmental friendliness, and health benefits, among others. E-bikes have come to stay for good.  

Since E-bikes have come to stay, it is expedient that you are well informed about various types to make the best decision when purchasing yours. One of the ways to make the best decision regarding the purchase of E-bikes is by going through comparisons between different models. This helps you to thoroughly know each model and what it has over its counterpart. This article is here to help with that as it establishes comparisons between the Aventon Level 2 and the Himiway Zebra E-bikes. It highlights the core features of each E-bike model and ultimately guides you on your decision based on your preference.

So, why don't we take a deep dive into the arena of the Aventon Level 2 Vs. Himiway Zebra?

Aventon Level 2: Unleashing Pure Power


Aventon was founded in 2017 and comes with a wide range of E-bikes including city, commuter, folding and fat-tire bikes. The company is committed to making E-bikes available to everyone at affordable prices. In addition to its core interest in affordability, Aventon is also committed to sustainability, as the company's E-bikes are made with recycled materials. Consequently, carbon emission is dealt with to a very large extent.

Aventon has evolved over the years in the E-bike space; its E-bikes have come with many eye-catching and crowd-pleasing features, adding to its appeal. However, in the last 2 years, Aventon has communicated great refinement, especially with introducing the Aventon Level 2. This model comes with an increased sense of purpose, a more natural riding experience, and better looks. 

The Aventon Level 2 introduces new looks highlighted by its more angled edges on the frame and four amazing colour options. It comes with integrated rear taillights, adding to the bike's appeal while ensuring safety. Furthermore, the center display has a massive upgrade from the old black and white LCD to a full-coloured display with improved ride data. 

The biggest change in this model comes from under the hood as Aventon blesses it with a torque sensor (the first ever for the company). Finding affordable E-bike brands with torque sensors is rare, so this is definitely a win for E-bike lovers on a budget.

Aventon Level 2’s Motor and Speed

The Aventon Level 2 has a brushless rear motor producing 750W of peak power and 500W of sustained power. Furthermore, a 48V 14Ah (672Wh) lithium-ion battery communicates all that oomph to the rear wheel upon the rider's command. Aventon records a maximum range of 60 miles for level 2; however, users must limit pedal assist to level 1 and limit their weight to 160 pounds. These parameters may not be ideal for most riders, but the model can get up to 40 miles under more reasonable conditions. 

This distance is ideal for most city commuters, although those with extended routes may need to bring the 48V, 3 Amp fast charger. 

Unique Features and Design Elements of the Aventon Level 2

The Aventon Level 2 E-bike has some unique features worth paying attention to. These features include:

The torque sensor: This feature gives the E-bike a more natural riding feeling than models before. It also helps improve battery life while maintaining the same 500W motor/ 672Wh battery combo in the previous model.

Tektro hydraulic brakes: The Aventon Level 2 features Tektro hydraulic brakes, which are reliable performers and are easy to service.

The eye-catching colour display: This model has an easy-to-read colour display, which the Aventon app easily pairs to enhance your overall biking experience.

Amazing colour options: All 4 colour options (white, blue, pink, clay) communicate a lot of visual appeals compared to the initial grey colour.
 The 8-speed Shimano Acera drivetrain is as responsive as always and provides adequate friction for going up or down hills.

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Himiway Zebra: A Perfect Balance of Performance and Comfort


If you are a big fan of convenience, sustainability and adventure, then Himiway E-bikes are excellent. This brand is not only concerned with manufacturing and selling E-bikes but also offering an amazing biking experience. This experience combines technology, design and innovation to design E-bikes that perfectly suit your needs.

The Himiway Zebra is designed to deliver power, endurance and an amazing riding experience. This model is a testament to Himiway's commitment to building perfect E-bikes.

Below are the key features and specifications of the E-bike:

Motor: The Himiway Zebra features a 750W brushless gear motor, which propels a rider forward with style. The motor's dynamic performance makes riding easy and comfortable on any surface.

Speed: This model comes with a top speed of 25mph and is a perfect way to get around town or explore outdoor settings. Whether speeding through traffic or riding down a dirt track, the Himiway Zebra gives much freedom and pleasure.

Battery: Zebra offers power and endurance as it is equipped with a 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG Lithium battery. It covers up to 60 miles on pure electric power and moves your commute to 80 miles with pedal assist. The solid battery life of the Himiway Zebra saves you the problem of being stranded mid-commute.

Fat tires: Himiway Zebra comes with 26" by 4" Kenda fat tires, which allow you to ride down a sandy beach or gravel trail effortlessly. These wide tires provide great traction and stability as you ride on any terrain.

Durability: The Himiway Zebra is built around a 6061 Aluminum frame with an integrated battery design, and offers a great balance of strength and style. This frame improves the durability of the bike and improves its visual appeal. Confident control with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Speed Demon Showdown: Performance Comparison

Top speed and acceleration: The Aventon Level 2 bodies the Himiway Zebra with a top speed of 28mph, offering riders a faster and more exhilarating ride. Although the Himiway is not so far off, functioning at a top speed of 25mph, it differs from what the Aventon Level 2 offers. This feature of the Aventon Level 2 makes it a suitable choice for urban commuters or riders who enjoy a swifter pace.

Motors and battery systems: The Aventon Level 2 comes with a brushless rear motor at 500 W (sustained power) and 750W (peak power). On the other hand, the Himiway Zebra comes with a 750W brushless gear motor. Regarding their battery systems, the Himiway Zebra has a 48V 20Ah Samsung/ LG Lithium battery, while the Aventon Level 2 comes with a 48V 14Ah (672Wh) lithium-ion battery. 

Other features: Both E-bikes differ in their tire sizes and LCDs. The Himiway Zebra has broader tires than the Aventon Level 2. On the other hand, the Aventon Level 2 has a more appealing LCD, which can be connected to the Aventon app.

    Style and Design: Making a Statement on the Streets 

    Aventon Level 2: The Aventon Level 2 comes with more angled edges on the frame and more colour options. Its eye-catching LCD also adds to its visual and aesthetic appeal. The different colours that the E-bike comes in help bikers make choices based on their colour preferences, and this is a plus as far as aesthetics is concerned.

    Himiway Zebra: The Himiway Zebra comes in a sleek and modern design, presenting a more aggressive frame with an integrated battery. It also comes with a cleaner overall finish compared to previous models. The Himiway Zebra gives that classy and exquisite look that will give onlookers something to think about whenever it passes.

    Ultimately, the choice lies with you and what you prefer as a rider. You may be tilted towards sleek and modern, as in the case of the Himiway Zebra or aesthetics and visual engagement, as in the case of the Aventon Level 2.

    Riding Comfort and Versatility 

    Regarding comfort and versatility, Aventon is balanced in that it could be more performance-riding-oriented and more lax. It is comfortably in between the two terms of geometry. The back doesn't fatigue quickly; at the same time, the rider is angled enough to get into riding while pumping their legs in a hurry. For those who are more tilted toward extended journeys, the Himiway Zebra seems to be a better option as it minimizes range anxiety and maximizes enjoyment. Riders can focus on their journey, knowing they can easily navigate any landscape.

    While the Himiway Zebra is suitable for any terrain, including sand, gravel, and snow, the Aventon Level 2 is more suited for mixed urban terrain.

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    Making the Right Choice

    Choosing between both E-bikes ultimately depends on you and what you seek. However, it is important to consider the following factors in making your choice.

    1. The terrain you will explore.
    2. The distance you plan to cover with the bike.
    3. Your aesthetic preference.
    4. Your definition of comfort.
    5. The level of speed you desire.

      These factors will help you put things into perspective and make a very informed decision.

      Other factors you should consider besides the aforementioned include pricing, warranty, customer support and after-sales service. These are also major influences as they differ from company to company. Also, note that it is a good idea to test drive each bike before you make a purchase decision.


      The rivalry between the Aventon Level 2 and Himiway Zebra goes on. Typically, riders have various views on which bike is best for them based on performance, price, durability, efficiency, etc. Ultimately, the choice remains with you but be reminded that speed and style should be major considerations in your eventual decision.

      Also, remember that Himiway has a wide range of options apart from the Himiway Zebra. There is a well of E-bikes to pick from. Surely, you want to be included in the E-bike infiltration of the transport sector, so what is keeping you from getting that E-bike?