Cycling for a Greener Planet

Why We Do This

We are all responsible for creating a greener future. Himiway Bike has been adhering to the belief that more cycling brings more freedom and less pollution. We hope more people can abandon the way of traveling or commuting by fuel vehicles, but switch to a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, convenient and healthy transport by riding bikes or electric bikes.

We recognize the power of an eco-friendly transportation to improve the quality of our planet as well as individual well-being. That’s why we’ve made a bold commitment to sponsor and collaborate with more non-profit cycling associations over the next 5 years to promote the green cycling lifestyle.

With great vision comes great action. We’ve already partnered with three cycling organizations by donating our Himiway fat tire e-bikes and funds. And we are exploring more possible forms of cooperation with those organizations.

Meet Our Friends


Adventure Cycling Association

founded in 1973 with more than 52,000 members

the largest cycling membership organization in North America

help people discover the world and experience the fullness of life through bicycle adventures

inspire, empower and connect a growing community of bicycle travelers

provide ways for novices and experts alike to engage with this vibrant community both on and off the road


Cal Bike

California Bicycle Coalition

prioritize underserved communities in transportation spending and policy decisions

improve the built environment for biking, walking and transit

change transportation policies to support an equitable, environmentally sustainable, and safe future

strengthen the power of the transportation justice movement



Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

founded in 1998 a membership-based nonprofit organization

work to make all communities in LA County healthy, safe, and fun places to ride a bike through advocacy, education, and outreach