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All Terrain eBike Cruiser

Experience your all-terrain fat-tire Ebike

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All Terrain eBike Cruiser Step-Thru

Find your long-distance e-bike specialist

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Moped-style Ebike Escape Pro

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city

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Electric Cargo Bike Big Dog

All rounder cover all needs

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Electric mountain bike Cobra

The smoothest ride on the mountain

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Premium All terrain Ebike Zebra

A Blend of Mountain & Urban Cruiser

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Softail Electric Mountain Bike Cobra Pro

Tailor-made for off-road enthusiasts

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The Cobra pro features a full suspension system, a beastly 1000W mid-drive motor with a torque sensor, and some seriously huge and chunky 26” x 4.8” CST tires. These combine to give the bike true off-road capability, and a large degree of comfort in more rugged environments.

With a 400-pound payload capacity and an all-terrain design, the premium Zebra is up for whatever, and it's reasonably priced, too.

The Himiway Cruiser is an ebike designed to handle a little bit of everything, despite the cruiser name it is actually capable of much more with fat tires and a suspension fork.

With its removable 48V Samsung battery and 750W motor, the Himiway Cruiser gives you the freedom to go anywhere within a 60-mile radius. Its 26-inch Kenda fat tyres offer excellent grip and traction over a variety of terrain, as well as a more comfortable riding experience.

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Himiway Zebra has proven popular as an adventure-style fat tire e-bike that can handle street and trail riding. California and Florida are both known for having plenty of both, and so it seems like a fitting model to customize for the two states.

Himiway is committed to providing excellent customer service, including a two-year warranty on electric bikes and after-sales maintenance services at any 300+ dealerships across the United States.

Commuting to work on a daily basis, and hitting the trails for adventures on the weekends? The Zebra’s got you covered.

The Himiway Escape Pro is a fat tire ebike that stands out with its moped-like design and features, such as the fixed seat and dual coil rear suspension.

The Rambler that provides excellent performance and durability, it’s perfect for those who want a reliable, stylish, and easy-to-use ride that can handle complex urban roads and long distances.

With branches and customers in North America and Europe, Himiway is a global brand. In the next phase, they aim to serve over 1 million cyclists in 30+ countries worldwide.

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