Himiway Cruiser VS RadRover 6 Plus

Himiway Cruiser VS RadRover 6 Plus

The electric bike market is vast, with several options, as choosing that one ebike amidst the hundreds of brands can be quite tasking. Ebike brands have always been motivated to produce products of higher quality that can travel the farthest distance. Today, electric bikes are more reliable, lighter, and safer as they use lithium-ion batteries.

The Himiway Cruiser long-range fat tire electric bike and RadRover 6 Plus are some of the top-notch ebikes you would find today. These fat tire ebikes may look similar; however, each has its unique feature and style. Hence, it’s best to know which brand would suit your riding preference. 

Himiway has some of the best long-range electric bikes on the market. These bikes can comfortably travel 60 to 80 miles on a single charge, while others have a range of at most 40 miles. Although the Himiway Cruiser and RadRover 6 may appear to be extremely similar, they differ in many aspects. This article will explore their differences, as well as the reasons why you would favor one over the other.

Himiway Cruiser


It’s best to look at the general features of both the Himiway Cruiser and RadRover 6 Plus. 

Himiway Cruiser 

RadRover 6 Plus





48V 17.5Ah

Samsung/LG Battery

48V 14Ah


180MM Mechanical Disc Brakes

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Total battery capacity


589-672 Wh

Pedal Assist

0-5 level 

0-5 level


Half twist throttle

Half twist throttle

Top speed





73.4 lbs.

Payload capacity


275 lbs





Handlebar Width

48V LED light and Integrated Taillights

Standard Rad Power Bikes LED headlight and Integrated taillight with brake light

Handlebar Width


700 mm


LCD screen with USB charging

LCD screen


CAD 2,299.00

CAD 2,399

Mile per charge

35-60 Mil



26" x 4" Kenda fat tires

26" x 4" Kenda fat tires


48V / 22A

48V, 500W frame-integrated controller

Suspension fork

Front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment

Front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment

When comparing each electric bike in terms of its various features, some striking differences are the battery capacity, range, and prices.

Electrical Components

Every electric bike needs all its components to be high quality and perform efficiently. The following are some differences and similarities between the RadRover 6 Plus and Himiway Cruiser.

  • Battery

the battery is one of the most crucial components of e-bikes since it sets them apart from regular bicycles and is essential for getting top performance. The battery determines how far the ebike can travel on a single charge. Without a doubt, the Himiway Cruiser has a more substantial battery when compared to RadRover 6 Plus. The Cruiser ebike has 48V and 17.5AH high-quality Samsung/LG batteries with 840Wh capacity. Also, it has a maximum range of about 60 miles per charge. 

With a removable battery, which makes it easy to charge. In contrast, the RadRover 6 Plus has a standard battery capacity of 48V 14AH. The battery can power on a single charge at a top speed of 45miles. The difference between the ebikes battery capacity and range shows that Himiway Cruiser can cover more distance.

  • Motor

The layout and placement of the motor also affect how well electric bikes function. Both of these cars are equipped with 500W brushless geared hub motor.

  • Throttle

The throttle of a fat tire ebike enables movement without you needing to pedal. Both the Himiway Cruiser and RadRover 6 Plus have half twist throttle. You can easily twist your throttle on the go since it's integrated into the right handlebar. Also, the throttle comes in handy when climbing uphill, building momentum when starting your journey, exercising, riding to lose weight, or carrying cargo.

  • LCD Screen

The display is one of the most practical parts of an electric bicycle. Each electric bike has a comprehensive LCD that shows data about the battery capacity, top speed, average speed, number of trips, total trips, and pedal assist levels.

  • Controller

The controller serves as the processor of an ebike, processing all sensor input, controlling battery output, and providing real-time data to the screen on the handlebars. One of the essential components of an e-bike is the motor controller, which is responsible for managing the motor. Most e-bike motors use brushless technology. The RadRover 6 Plus has a frame-integrated controller. In contrast, the Himiway's controller is at the exterior of the ebike.

Mechanical Components | Himiway Cruiser

Mechanical Components

Your electric bike's brake, suspension, and frame must be in good shape to enjoy maximum performance as you journey. The mechanical and physical features can determine the comfort of your riding experience. Here are some parts of the Himiway cruiser and RadRover 6 Plus:

  • Brake systems

Both models have different brake systems. The RadRover 6 Plus has a hydraulic disc brake, while the Himiway cruiser has a Mechanical disc brake system. The Himiway Cruiser brakes are easier to adjust and use in general than when compared to the RadRover 6 Plus hydraulic disc brake.

  • Suspension fork

The front suspension fork in electric bikes absorbs the impacts from bumpy roads or paths, which keeps your ebike running smoothly. These ebikes have the same suspension fork.

  • Frame

The frame influences the weight support, stability, and shock absorption while riding. Both ebikes have steel wheels and spokes and aluminum frames. The bike's overall weight will be reduced with a lighter frame, increasing its range without depleting its battery.

  • Fenders

Fenders on your fat tire ebike prevent mud and dirt as you ride on different terrains. This accessory helps reduce stains and keeps your bike tires and frame clean. The Himiway cruiser is great for all terrains, alongside the RadRover 6 plus, with both electric bikes having both front and rear fenders.

  • Handlebars

Riders have more stability with wider handlebars. Both handlebars fall off Himiway Cruiser and RadRover 6 Plus well between the averages for handlebars on city and mountain bikes. Giving you confidence and stability on the trail without making you feel uncomfortable when riding on the road or smaller bike lanes.

  • Tires

It would help if you had durable puncture-resistant tires to have a smooth ride as you bike on several terrains. Both electric bikes satisfy this criterion. It also helps to learn how to avoid flat tires when riding an electric bike.

Other Factors to Consider

Below are other factors you should consider between the Himiway Cruiser And RadRover 6 Plus ebikes.

  • Warranty

The warranty for the RadRover 6 Plus bikes is only for a year. However, all Himiway ebikes, including the Cruiser, have a  2-year warranty, all-inclusive of manufacturing flaws. But this warranty only applies to some free accessories.

  • Payload capacity

From the stats table above, the Himiway has a larger payload capacity of 350lbs. Himiway Cruiser has a higher payload capacity, which makes the ebike durable and stronger.

  • Bike weight

Having a lighter bike will enable you to move more quickly and efficiently as the weight of the bike and the rider significantly influence the speed and torque of the ebike. When you ride with the Himiway Cruiser, you will go further on a single charge as it weighs 72blbs as when compared to RadRover 6 Plus.

  • Price

Due to the Himiway Cruiser's top-quality features, it costs higher than the RadRover 6 Plus. You get value for your money when you purchase the Himiway Cruiser.  

Comparison outcome

There are some main factors that every rider considers when choosing the best electric bike. Some of these include the price, top speed, battery, and weight of the electric bike. These two ebikes have some significant similarities; however, you must examine these e-bikes' electrical, mechanical, and physical components to learn more about how they work. 

It is obvious, and to say, that the Himiway Cruiser once again outperforms one of its competitors as the best electric bike for you. From the various indications above, the Himiway Cruiser will give you longer battery life, a more reliable motor, larger payload capacity, better range, and an extended warranty period.


The Himiway Cruiser is one of the best electric fat bikes today. The Himiway Cruiser has high-quality components and a frame that suits all riders. Included with excellent customer service are the Himiway bike’s durable features, accessories, and a more powerful battery that allows for faster and longer riding. If you value your comfort and want a better experience with top speed, go for the Himiway Cruiser.